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Monstrous Regiment: the finest Discworld novel?

Boing Boing -

I'm an unabashed Terry Pratchett fanboy, and it often seems like each Discworld novel is the best of the lot. But there's one book I return to again, and again, and again: 2003's Monstrous Regiment, a book about gender, war, identity, strategy and tactics. It also happens to be the most stand-alone of all the Discworld books -- one that can be enjoyed without reading any of the other marvellous books in the series. Read the rest

WiFiPhisher — Automated Phishing Attacks Against Wi-Fi Networks

The Hacker News -

A Greek security researcher, named George Chatzisofroniou, has developed a WiFi social engineering tool that is designed to steal credentials from users of secure Wi-Fi networks. The tool, dubbed WiFiPhisher, has been released on the software development website GitHub on Sunday and is freely available for users. "It's a social engineering attack that does not use brute forcing in

Thunderstrike — Infecting Apple MacBooks with EFI Bootkit via Thunderbolt Ports

The Hacker News -

A security researcher has discovered an easy way to infect Apple’s Macintosh computers with an unusual kind of malware using its own Thunderbolt port. The hack was presented by programming expert Trammell Hudson at the annual Chaos Computer Congress (30C3) in Hamburg Germany. He demonstrated that it is possible to rewrite the firmware of an Intel Thunderbolt Mac. The hack, dubbed

London: the dead-eyed banker psycho dream

Boing Boing -

"Its protagonist lives in a world of almost continual night, with the hungry eyes and dead affect of an Ayn Rand wet dream: his world is constituted of chrome, glass, a palette of white-to-taupe, a spatter-pattern rug and one book, a single book, on graphic design" - Piercepenniless on the Redrow London property development promo video. Read the rest


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