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Dropping Dropbox - what's a replacement?

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I loved Dropbox and Mailbox. I was paying for a 200GB account. But after learning that Iraq war starter, torture promotor, and warrantless wiretapper Condoleezza Rice will be joining Dropbox's Board of Directors I deleted my account (Dropbox doesn't issue refunds, so I lost about $100. They can keep it.). I also deleted the Mailbox app from my phone.

Now I want a Dropbox replacement. Something that offers cloud syncing. The website Drop Dropbox has a few suggestions:, Microsoft OneDrive, SpiderOak, and Google Drive. I'd like to hear from Boing Boing readers who've had experience with alternatives to Dropbox. Please post your comments in the BBS!

How Heartbleed Bug Exposes Your Passwords to Hackers

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Are you safe from the critical bug Heartbleed?? OpenSSL- the encryption technology used by millions of websites to encrypt the communication and is also used to protect our sensitive data such as e-mails, passwords or banking information.  But a tiny, but most critical flaw called "Heartbleed" in the widely used OpenSSL opened doors for the cyber criminals to extract sensitive data from

How to Protect yourself from the 'Heartbleed' Bug

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Millions of websites, users' passwords, credit card numbers and other personal information may be at risk as a result of the Heartbleed security flaw, a vulnerability in widely used cryptographic library 'OpenSSL'. Netcraft survey says that about half a million widely trusted active websites on the internet are vulnerable to the heartbleed bug, which means the information transmitting

This Day in Blogging History: Brand on Thatcher; Vicodin ring; Bavarian Wild West themeparks

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One year ago today
Russell Brand on Margaret Thatcher: When I was a kid, Thatcher was the headmistress of our country. Her voice, a bellicose yawn, somehow both boring and boring – I could ignore the content but the intent drilled its way in.

Five years ago today
Vicodin Ring: Crafter Becky Stern says: "To go along with my Vicodin earrings, I made this Vicodin ring from sterling silver.

Ten years ago today
Wild west themeparks kicking ass in Bavaria: Main Street features covered plank sidewalks, double-decker railings and cutout clapboard facades. Outside the sheriff's office, the town marshal, Big Joe - a Turkish-born character actor little more than three feet tall - obligingly poses for photos, pointing his six-gun at guests and ordering "Hände hoch!" ("Hands up!")...

Securing Passwords with Bcrypt Hashing Function

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Passwords are the first line of defense against cyber criminals. It is the most vital secret of every activity we do over the internet and also a final check to get into any of your user account, whether it is your bank account, email account, shopping cart account or any other account you have. We all know storing passwords in clear text in your database is ridiculous. Many desktop


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