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This 10-year-old Boy becomes the youngest Bug Bounty Hacker

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"Talent has no Age Limit" That’s what I said for a 10-year-old Finnish boy on our official Facebook page while sharing his recent achievement with our readers i.e. Winning $10,000 bug bounty from Instagram. Last Tuesday when we at The Hacker News first acknowledged this talented boy and the flaw he discovered in image-sharing social network Instagram, I did not have an idea that the Facebook

Founder of 'Liberty Reserve' Sentenced to 20 years in Prison

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In Brief Arthur Budovsky, co-founder of popular digital currency business 'Liberty Reserve', was sentenced Friday to 20 years in prison for running a money laundering scheme for hackers, identity thieves, child pornographers and drug dealers around the globe. Since its inception, 2005, to the year 2013, when Liberty Reserve was shut down by authorities, the company processed more than $8


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