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Hackers stole money from European ATMs using Malware-loaded USB Device

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Hacking ATM Machines is nothing new, but it seems that instead of relying on ATM skimmers now some smart hackers in Europe are reportedly targeting ATM Machines using Malware-loaded USB drives to steal money.<!-- adsense -->Most of the world’s ATMs are running on Windows XP operating system, which is highly vulnerable to Malware attacks. Just like your Desktop Laptops, some ATMs also have USB

DROPOUTJEEP: NSA's Secret program to access any Apple iPhone, including microphone &amp; camera

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In the era of Smartphones, Apple’s iPhone is the most popular device that exists, which itself gives the reason to target it. According to leaked documents shared by Security researcher Jacob Appelbaum, a secret NSA program code named DROPOUTJEEP has nearly total access to the Apple’s iPhones, which uses “modular mission applications to provide specific SIGINT functionality.”<!-- adsense -->While

Firmware vulnerability allows man-in-the-middle attack using SD Memory cards

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How is it possible to exploit SD Card, USB stick and other mobile devices for hacking? Another interesting hack was presented at the Chaos Computer Congress (30C3), in Hamburg, Germany. The researchers demonstrated how it is possible to hack the microcontroller inside every SD and MicroSD flash cards that allow arbitrary code execution and can be used to perform a man in the middle attack. The

Skype's Official Twitter, Facebook and Blog Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

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Happy 2014.. We are back with first hacking story of the year - SKYPE "Stop Spying". Yes Skype Got hacked last night by an infamous hacker group called the Syrian Electronic Army, a group that supports Syria’s president and typically they publish pro-Syrian government messages, but its first time they are taking about PRIVACY.<!-- adsense -->Syrian Hackers posted bogus messages on Skype’s Twitter


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