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Developers Raise Bounty of $17,600 for First to Root Samsung Galaxy S5

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It has been months ago since the release of Samsung’s latest Smartphone, Galaxy S5 and we have seen a portion of International units receive root, but a couple of the carrier variants including the developer edition of Samsung Galaxy S5 for Verizon and At&T hasn’t been in the list, sadly. The Interesting part is that till now no hacker has found a way out to gain the root-rights of the

The Rat King: On the Fascinations (and Revulsions) of Rattus

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In what he calls "an Experiment in Controlled Digression," Mark Dery touches on xenogastronomy, ortolan, Edible Dormouse, Victor Hugo's fondness for rat pâté, rat-baiting as a betting sport in Victorian times, the rat as New York's unofficial mascot, Luis Buñuel's pet rat, scientific research into such pressing questions as whether rats laugh, and whether rats will inherit the Earth as a result of climate change, Dracula's dominion over rats, and of course the (cryptozoological myth? well-documented phenomenon?) of the Rat King. Read the rest

Call for Speakers: Copycamp Warsaw, with Birgitta Jónsdóttir and Cory

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Marta writes, "This is an open call for 10-minute presentations at the 3rd International CopyCamp Conference (November 6-7, 2014 in Warsaw, Poland), devoted to social impacts of copyright. This year, we'll have two special guests: Birgitta Jónsdóttir, a poet and member of the Icelandic parliament, Internet activist, freedom of information and freedom of speech defender and Cory Doctorow, the co-editor of this website." Read the rest

UK Home Office's terrorist detection checklist

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Snapped yesterday at the Mykonos, Greece airport: the UK Home Office's terrorist detection checklist for spotting existential threats to the human race before they can board. It's grimly fun to imagine the brutal false-positives this inane document must generate. My favourite (for sufficiently perverse definitions of "favourite") is a refugee who's just attained citizenship, but now has to rush away to attend the funeral of a brutalized relative.

This Day in Blogging History: Crowdfunding a stenographer for Manning; Tory MP expensed his servants' wing; Swisscom's epically shitty Wifi

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One year ago today Help crowd-fund a court stenographer for the trial of accused Wikileaks source Bradley Manning: The trial of Bradley Manning begins on June 3, 2013 The Freedom of the Press Foundation is crowd-funding donations to hire a court stenographer to record trial transcripts.

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Feminism and tech: an overdue and welcome manifesto

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Alan writes, "A group of nine women involved in the tech industry have posted a manifesto listing some of the awful sexist things that have happened in tech during the past few months. The women frame this as a simple statement: 'we really just want to work on what we love.' But the reality of the industry and the societies in which we do our tech work make this far from simple." Read the rest

Greenwald to release list of Americans under illegal NSA surveillance

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Glenn Greewald has pre-announced his next Snowden-doc publication: a list of US citizens the NSA has subjected to illegal surveillance. I keep hearing that there's a huge bang at the end of the Snowden files, and there certainly seems to be a sense of controlled heightening drama in the disclosures. I assume that if Greenwald has pre-announced this publication that it's bound to have some bombshells lurking in it.

Peter Watts's The Scorched Earth Society: A Suicide Bomber's Guide to Online Privacy

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Science fiction writer and biologist Peter Watts gave a spectacular talk to the Symposium of the International Association of Privacy Professional, called The Scorched Earth Society: A Suicide Bomber's Guide to Online Privacy (PDF); Watts draws on his two disciplines to produce a stirring, darkly comic picture of the psychological toll of the surveillance society.

Watts is the writer who was beaten, maced, and convicted of a felony for asking a US border guard why he'd walked up behind his rental car and opened his trunk without any discussion or notice. His take on surveillance and its relationship to control, authoritarianism and corruption is both sharp-edged and nuanced. And his proposal for a remedy is provocative and difficult to argue with. I only wish I'd been in the room to give the talk, as he's a remarkable and acerbic storyteller.

The Internet With a Human Face: Maciej Cegłowski on the things we need to fix

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Maciej Cegłowski's latest talk, The Internet With A Human Face, is a perfect companion to both his Our Comrade the Electron and Peter Watts's Scorched Earth Society: A Suicide Bomber's Guide to Online Privacy: a narrative that explains how the Internet of liberation became the Internet of inhuman and total surveillance. Increasingly, I'm heartened by the people who understand that the right debate to have is "How do we make the Internet a better place for human habitation?" and not "Is the Internet good or bad for us?" I'm also heartened to see the growth of the view that aggregated personal data is a kind of immortal toxic waste and that the best way to prevent spills is to not collect it in the first place. Read the rest

Apple Devices Hacked by 'Oleg Pliss', held to Ransom

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From last few years Ransomware malwares are targeting Windows users Worldwide and experts predicted that it was just a matter of time until ransomware would hit mobile devices and other Desktop operating systems like Mac, iOS, Android etc. A Few weeks back we reported about a Ransomware malware campaign which is targeting Android mobile users. Such Malware first try to trick users into

Registry Hack: Get Windows XP Security Updates until 2019

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Microsoft ended its support for Windows XP officially more than a month ago on April 8, 2014. This made a large number of users to switch to the latest version of Windows, but still a wide portion of users are using Microsoft oldest and most widely used operating system, despite not receiving security updates. While some companies and organizations who were not able to migrate their


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