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World's largest 1 Tbps DDoS Attack launched from 152,000 hacked Smart Devices

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Do you know — Your Smart Devices may have inadvertently participated in a record-breaking largest cyber attack that Internet has just witnessed. If you own a smart device like Internet-connected televisions, cars, refrigerators or thermostats, you might already be part of a botnet of millions of infected devices that was used to launch the biggest DDoS attack known to date, with peaks of over

These luxurious bed sheets are a steal at only $33

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When you’ve had a long day and it’s time to unwind, there’s a lot you can do to relax: drink some tea, take a shower or even read a book. But there’s one thing that's essential to a comfortable night’s rest—and that’s investing in some really good sheets. 

Enter Bamboo Bed Sheets. These quality sheets retail for $120, but they're currently on sale for just $32.98 in the Boing Boing Store. They're made with a combination of bamboo yarns and microfiber, meaning they’re ridiculously soft and ultra-durable.

One set includes 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases that fit all types of mattresses. And since Bamboo Bed Sheets are designed to stay soft and wrinkle-free for years to come, the one set will last you a long time.

We picked up the Bamboo Bed Sheets in gray, but they come in a few colors and include free shipping. If gray isn't your style, check out our other options: White, Sage or Chocolate.

You seriously won't find a better price on quality sheets than this: 72% off retail—just $32.98, no matter what size you get.

The Coloring Book for Goths: because goths (and former goths) can take a joke

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See sample pages from this book at Wink.

The Coloring Book for Goths: The World's Most Depressing Book
by Tom Devonald
Atria Books
2016, 96 pages, 5.5 x 7.5 x 0.4 inches (paperback)
$9 Buy a copy on Amazon

I wasn't a big fan of high school, and my high school wasn't a big fan of me. Weird, awkward, and music-obsessed, I was a concert-tee-clad speck in a sea of polo shirts and boat shoes. My 30th high school reunion was last July. A friend of mine from high school, who has a sadistic sense of humor, added me to the reunion Facebook page. One of the organizers for the event asked the group what songs they wanted to hear at the reunion. They all commented with one singular word, "Eighties." The organizer tried their best to be diplomatic, and calmly asked which particular songs they wanted to hear, which then prompted the response of, "Eighties." This went on for a while. Finally, someone commented with Starship's "We Built This City."

Needless to say, I didn't attend the reunion. I try my best to avoid situations where I might accidentally hear one note of Starship's "We Built This City." In a strange coincidence, some of my friends who didn't attend my high school organized a gothic/punk/industrial 'club kid' reunion the weekend prior to my high school reunion. During the early-to-mid '80s, the midwestern city I lived in had a great alternative music club scene. We would spend most of our evenings dressed in black and coiffed outrageously, dancing to Bauhaus' seminal track "Bela Lugosi is Dead," Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart," amongst other doomy, angsty, deep cuts and non-hits. Going back to my hometown and dancing with old friends to great music was one of the highlights of 2015. Yes, I dressed in black.

Well, let's segue into the review. The Coloring Book For Goths is a humorous coloring book requiring only one color: black. Geared to the current coloring book fad, it has one joke. Once you color it in, the page turns completely, thoroughly black. Featuring crows, black widow spiders, pentagrams, coffins, and crypts, and making references to Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Smith, and Friedrich Nietzsche, the book often only makes a passing reference to the goth subculture.

Some pages are funny and clever – a page of Metallica lyrics, pages exploring oblivion, the unknown, and the unknowable – but there are just as many embarrassing pages that belie a rudimentary understanding of the culture. An insecure killer whale? A polar bear in witness protection? Embarrassing tattoos? Unfortunately, someone enveloped in the goth culture would probably never purchase this book, and tourists to the culture probably won't come away with a better understanding of it. It both embraces and pokes fun at the culture. Still, it was cute and made me snicker, because while we may have a serious demeanor, goths (and former goths) can take a joke. – S. Deathrage

Facebook releases Osquery Security Tool for Windows

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OSquery, an open-source framework created by Facebook that allows organizations to look for potential malware or malicious activity on their networks, was available for Mac OS X and Linux environments until today. But now the social network has announced that the company has developed a Windows version of its osquery tool, too. When Facebook engineers want to monitor thousands of Apple Mac

Germany Bans Facebook From Collecting WhatsApp Data

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Just last month, the most popular messaging app WhatsApp updated its privacy policy and T&Cs to start sharing its user data with its parent company, and now both the companies are in trouble, at least in Germany and India. Both Facebook, as well as WhatsApp, have been told to immediately stop collecting and storing data on roughly 35 Million WhatsApp users in Germany. The Hamburg


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