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TV reporter apologizes for rummaging through MH17 victims' luggage at crash site

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The internet was abuzz this week with horror at the actions of Sky News reporter Colin Brazier, who was reporting live from the Malaysia Airlines crash site in Eastern Ukraine for the 24-hour news network. He picked up crash victims' luggage live on air, and rummaged through its contents, describing them to camera. Mr. Brazier now realizes he "crossed a line," and wrote a sort of mea culpa in the Guardian. Read the rest

Indexeus — Search Engine Exposes Malicious Hackers and Data Breaches

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So far, we have seen the search engine for online underground Black Markets, named ‘Grams’ that lets anyone find illegal drugs and other contraband online in an easier way ever and is pretty much fast like Google Search Engine. Now, a new search engine has been launched that primarily exposes all the available information of malicious hackers caught up in the very sort of data breaches — 

'Real Footage of Malaysian Flight MH 17 Shot Down' Facebook Spam Spreads Malware

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A distasteful trend among the cyber crooks have began these days that they left no occasion, either good or bad, to snatch users’ financial information in order to make money as well as spread malware to victimize users. The tragedy of the crashed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 is no exception for the criminal minds. They are exploiting the disaster that took place last week in the

Undocumented iOS Features left Hidden Backdoors Open in 600 Million Apple Devices

The Hacker News -

A well known iPhone hacker and forensic scientist has unearthed a range of undocumented and hidden functions in Apple iOS mobile operating system that make it possible for a hacker to completely bypass the backup encryption on iOS devices and can steal large amounts of users’ personal data without entering passwords or personal identification numbers. Data forensics expert named Jonathan

Blogging History: Expiring 3DP patents; Cat burglar in my street; 9/11 commission report published

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One year ago today Get ready for the big bang as 3D printing patents expire: The key patents covering a 3D printing technique called "laser sintering" are set to expire in the next year or two -- there are a bunch of them, so they'll trickle out -- and this will radically reduce the price of printing and printers.

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