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Woman with skull on stick leads police to corpse

Boing Boing -

A woman walking around Sacramento with a skull on a stick led police to a homeless encampment where she found the cranium. Apparently someone spotted the woman marching around with the skull and called police. After police found the woman at an abandoned house, she took them to the area where they located the body.

"A call like this is not something that happens every day," Sacramento police Sgt. Bryce Heinlein told Fox 40. "We hope we can get down to the bottom of what caused this person to become deceased."

Maserati Hearse

Boing Boing -

People are dying for a ride in Ellena Funeral Car's Maserati Hearse:

Multifunctional steering wheel
- Dual-zone automatic climate control
- Windshield wiper with rain sensor
- Body in fiberglass
- Hydraulic Alzabara
- Interior lighting LED
- Stainless steel cladding and imitation leather boating
- Cross removable stainless steel
- Hooks door wreaths
- Audio engineer
- Metallic paint choice

Optional accessories:
- Opening the tailgate automatic
- Platform Automatic
- Parking sensors
- Tinted windows

Maserati Hearse (via Uncrate)

Build this high-tech helicopter, then fly it using your smartphone

Boing Boing -

If you like to DIY and you like helicopters, you’re going to really love the Flexbot Hexacopter Kit. This copter blows traditional models out of the water: it includes everything you need to actually build your own hexacopter, and then pilot it like a pro, too.

The construction is complicated enough to give you a challenge, but also straightforward enough that you won’t be scratching your head in frustration as you go. And the best part is, you can personalize your flying experience with any design you like, and even 3D print your own additions to the copter at home. As an added bonus, you can also lower flying noises, remove signals, etc by coding it yourself.

As for controlling the Flexbot Hexacopter when it’s in the air, you pilot if directly from your smartphone or tablet. Basically, the Flexbot is the new, high tech helicopter model we’ve all always wanted.

For a limited time, the Flexbot Hexacopter can be yours for just $89.99.

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Trump campaign: "we can safely assume" 201 electoral votes

Boing Boing -

Down but clearly not out, the presidential campaign of millionaire Donald Trump just issued a map of states that places him in a commanding position: "those colored red are states that we can safely assume will vote for Trump."

The Trump picks add up to 201 electoral votes, 69 short of what he needs to prevail on Nov. 8. Hillary Clinton, in comparison, has only 187 votes secured on the map. The remaining states are gray, indicating battleground status, with 150 electoral votes available.

According to polls, however, Clinton has a commanding lead, including in several of the states Trump's campaign believes are up for grabs.

(Tepid take: this is what he'll actually win on the day, losing all the grayed-out states but holding on to Arizona.)

Tell us about your Halloween candy preferences, and other things besides

Boing Boing -

There’s the stuff about science, and ranking, and surveys, and strata, we say that every year. There’s the extra layer about experimental proof, rigorous data analysis, metrics of repeatability. Got it, we got it.

So we’re here are again. Yes, indeed, let me take the survey at once

Last year was a kind of game changer in the candy ranking industry. We split the survey results between those who were actually planning to trick-or-treat and those basing their answers on memories of childhoods long lost to time. We added this whole other layer of survey questions to gauge the character of survey takers. We promised we would find a legit reason for doing so, but we’d figure it out post facto. Which we did. We contrived a reason post facto. Like, did you know people who like black licorice prefer Sundays over Fridays? No wonder they suck (Sundays and black licorice).

Also, did you know that people who ranked peanut butter and chocolate combo candies higher than mint and chocolate combos are wrong to do so? Why? Because it’s just wrong. Because Mint + Chocolate always goes first. Then Caramel + Chocolate. Then, if you must, Peanut Butter + Chocolate. Stuff like that, that’s what we got. No bias or rigging here.

Also, what about that 5000+ people voted with over 500,000 individual preferences? God, imagine if we could harness that energy for something that actually made things better on this crazy blue dot of ours.

Now we return in trying times. We were tempted to focus this survey on Tic Tac and Skittles-heavy asides and sly references. You’d all be like, Oh damn, they just did that. But Halloween is still some time away, and we know by now that campaign references only have a shelf life of about ten days, two weeks tops, so that even today, we bet half of you don’t know what we’re referencing with deplorable Tic Tacs and Skittles. (Unlike Mint + Chocolate candies, which can keep in the pantry for months and still best Peanut Butter + Chocolate in a straight up two-way race.)

With sophisticated survey tools at our disposal and genuine statistical analysis to follow, here is our third annual Candy Hierarchy survey (that makes this a longitudinal study folks!) and, overall, the preparation for our tenth annual Candy Hierarchy. Please fill it out to the best of your ability, and we’ll report back, as always, on Halloween.

The Third Annual Candy Hierarchy Survey


Russian Hacker Behind LinkedIn Breach also Charged with Hacking Dropbox and Formspring

The Hacker News -

The alleged Russian hacker, who was arrested by the FBI in collaboration with the Czech police, was believed to be the one responsible for massive 2012 data breach at LinkedIn, according to a statement released by LinkedIn. Now, United States authorities have officially indicted Yevgeniy Aleksandrovich Nikulin, 29-years-old Russian national, for hacking not just LinkedIn, but also the online

New Drammer Android Hack lets Apps take Full control (root) of your Phone

The Hacker News -

Earlier last year, security researchers from Google's Project Zero outlined a way to hijack the computers running Linux by abusing a design flaw in the memory and gaining higher kernel privileges on the system. Now, the same previously found designing weakness has been exploited to gain unfettered "root" access to millions of Android smartphones, allowing potentially anyone to take control of

Tax-funded NZ company sold mass surveillance tech to torturers and GCHQ

Boing Boing -

A whistleblower has provided The Intercept with leaked documents about Endace, an obscure New Zealand company based in Auckland, revealing that the company -- which received millions in government funding -- developed the mass surveillance equipment used by the UK spy agency to engage in illegal mass surveillance on fiber-optic lines that traverse the UK, and that Endace's customer list also includes a who's-who of telcoms companies, spy agencies, and the Moroccan secret police, who make a practice of spying on people, then kidnapping and torturing them. (more…)

Audit reveals significant vulnerabilities in Truecrypt and its successors

Boing Boing -

Veracrypt was created to fill the vacuum left by the implosion of disk-encryption tool Truecrypt, which mysteriously vanished in 2014, along with a "suicide note" (possibly containing a hidden message) that many interpreted as a warning that an intelligence agency had inserted a backdoor into the code, or was attempting to force Truecrypt's anonymous creators to do so. (more…)


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