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Randomized dystopia generator that goes beyond the Bill of Rights

Boing Boing -

Sumana writes, "I was talking with a friend about trends in dystopian fiction, and about the underappreciated rights that don't get as much airtime. So I created Randomized Dystopia. You can hit Reload on the main page to get a right from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, or use the Custom Terribleness page for the option of a specifically sexist or ageist dystopia." Read the rest

Section 66A of IT Act is Unconstitutional, Supreme Court Rules

The Hacker News -

The Supreme Court of India today struck down Section 66A of the Information Technology Act -- a controversial law that allowed law enforcement officials to arrest people for posting "offensive" comments on social networks and other internet sites. After hearing a clutch of petitions by defenders of free speech, the Supreme Court described the 2009 amendment to India's Information

University course catalog depicts white men winning again

Boing Boing -

The University of North Georgia pulled their course catalog after a newspaper called them out for the cover photo, a stock image of two white guys beating a black man and a woman in a race.

"After looking into the issue, we determined that this is an isolated case of poor judgment, and was not intentional," VP of University Relations Kate Maine told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.


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