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The year's best music, by mood

Boing Boing -

There are a lot of album of the year lists, but Hype Machine's Zeitgeist 2014 list is a bit special. A diverse group of contributors have each kicked in a song that's perfect for every moment or mood, whether that's "Remembering you're in love and climate change is probably 50 years away from flooding the West Coast and maybe things aren't so bad" (that's Allo Darlin's 'Romance and Adventure'), or "Walking Home Alone from the Club at 4 AM" (that's 'Bae HD' from Starfoxxx).

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Malware Exploits SHELLSHOCK Vulnerability to Hack NAS Devices

The Hacker News -

The year is about to end, but serious threats like Shellshock is "far from over". Cyber criminals are actively exploiting this critical GNU Bash vulnerability to target those network attached storage devices that are still not patched and ready for exploitation. Security researchers have unearthed a malicious worm that is designed to plant backdoors on network-attached storage (NAS)

Chrome Plans to Mark All 'HTTP' Traffic as Insecure from 2015

The Hacker News -

Google is ready to give New Year gift to the Internet users, who are concerned about their privacy and security. The Chromium Project's security team has marked all HTTP web pages as insecure and is planning to explicitly and actively inform users that HTTP connections provide no data security protections. There are also projects like Let's Encrypt, launched by the non-profit foundation

Log and Event Manager now with File Integrity Monitoring

The Hacker News -

Security pros everywhere rely on SolarWinds Log & Event Manager for powerful, affordable, and efficient Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). Our All-In-One SIEM combines log management, event correlation, visualization, reporting, File Integrity Monitoring, USB defense, SQL database monitoring, and active response in a virtual appliance that’s easy to deploy, manage, and use. We've


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