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Oracle releases 169 Updates, Including 19 Patches for JAVA Vulnerabilities

The Hacker News -

Get Ready to update your Java program as Oracle has released its massive patch package for multiple security vulnerabilities in its software. The United States software maker Oracle releases its security updates every three months on Tuesday, which it referred to as "Critical Patch Updates" (CPU). Yesterday, Oracle released its first quarterly CPU-date of this year, issuing a total of 169

WATCH: baby in speeding stroller saved from falling over edge of steep slope

Boing Boing -

A fisherman's lightning-quick reflexes saved the life of two-year-old Ali Ceyhan, whose stroller was speeding down a hill in the southwestern Turkish city of Bodrum and was just seconds from plunging over the side of a steep slope. Footage originally recorded Wednesday shows the man dropping his phone to run into the street to snatch the speeding stroller.



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