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T-Mobile customer exacts revenge

Boing Boing -

A T-Mobile customer in Florida drove her SUV into the store, smashing through the front window and coming to a stop deep in the showroom. Then she emerged from her disabled vehicle, hefted a broken window frame, and smashed a display.

"What is wrong with her?" calls out an unseen observer.

According to witnesses who spoke to WPFB News, she was upset by the store's employees.

It's unclear if the woman was arrested. Palm Spring Police Department has not commented on the incident. T-Mobile representatives referred WPBF 25's questions to police, but did say no one was injured in this incident.

Man lives in a storage unit and explains how to get away with it

Boing Boing -

007craft lived a lavish life of luxury—in a U-Haul storage unit. The key, he says, is being a ghost: do nothing that could get you noticed. I had just came back from hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and found myself homeless. I had given up my apartment to go hike and now that I was back I wanted to turn my car into a livable space. I eventually did that ... but found I still needed access to lots of stuff from my storage unit which was 6x4x10 and everything was just jammed in there. I figured there had to be a better way. I scoped out a 10x10x6 unit and moved all my stuff inside. Still super small, I managed to build shelves and organize it in a way where everything is accessible. But why stop there! I decided to build shelves and a water system and setup my actual apartment so I could live there. I was moving in! I ended up living in the unit for around 2 months. I only spent around $100 making the space as efficient as I did, mostly because I already owned so much hardware. The cost of rent on my unit was $205 a month (which included insurance). A bargain, considering an apartment in the area was $1000+ a month. I made this video showcasing my work/unit.

The power extension cable seems awfully obvious to me, too, but I guess if they're not looking for it, they won't see it. (more…)

12-year-old boy pulls gun on girl and demands Chicken McNugget

Boing Boing -

A 12-year-old boy demanded a Chicken McNugget from a girl who had just bought some, then held a gun to her head and asked again.

She pushed the gun away and boarded the train, and he was later taken into custody, police say. The New York Police Department says the gun has not been found, and it remains unclear whether it was real or a replica. They say the boy was released on Thursday, and the case has been referred to the family courts.

Even zoo animals love a good snow day

Boing Boing -

NBC Nightly News shared this absolutely adorable footage of animals at the Oregon Zoo frolicking in the snow. The storm was big enough to cause the zoo to shut down to the public for the day, but the animals didn’t seem to mind. The Oregon Zoo’s Twitter account has been sharing even more videos:

These Cubs World Series plates are the perfect reminder that anything can happen

Boing Boing -

The 2016 World Series game 7 will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the greatest baseball games of all time. With endless suspense, a nefariously-timed rain delay, and extra innings, it reminded over 40 million viewers why they love America’s pastime - and why all bets were truly off in 2016. Savor the Chicago victory forever with these commemorative press plates.

Featuring the Chicago Tribune front page and sports page, these plates make a perfect wall hanger for a den or office. For anyone looking to give the gift of limited-edition memorabilia to a Chicago sports fiend, or gloat to a Cleveland fan about the win that was just out of reach, I highly suggest this option.

These 11.5” x 22” aluminum plates will definitely last longer than the 108-year drought. For a limited time, pick up these Chicago Cubs World Series Press Plates for just $35, 55% off retail value.

Donald Trump appoints a CyberSecurity Advisor Whose Own Site is Damn Vulnerable

The Hacker News -

Former New York City Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani has been appointed as a cyber security advisor for the President-elect Donald Trump, but it appears that he never actually checked the security defenses of his own company's website. Giuliani is going to head a new Cybersecurity Working group for the President-elect, and "will be sharing his expertise and insight as a trusted friend concerning

Crimethinc relaunches for the Trump era

Boing Boing -

Shane from Crimethinc writes, "As 2017 opens, we face new challenges in an increasingly volatile world. Since last summer, we’ve been hard at work expanding our networks and updating our infrastructure to prepare for the global situation that is now unfolding. Over the next month, we’ll be announcing several ambitious new projects." (more…)

DoJ indicts six VW executives in total for Dieselgate fraud

Boing Boing -

It's not just regulatory compliance exec Oliver Schmidt -- arrested last week -- who faces personal criminal repercussions for his role in the Dieselgate scandal: five more VW execs have been indicted and face criminal charges, including the former head of VW R&D, the head of engine development, an engine development supervisor, and another regulatory compliance liason. (more…)

Chrysler's Dieselgate: 100,000 Chrysler trucks said to have emissions "defeat devices"

Boing Boing -

The EPA and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) say that since 2014, Chrysler shipped 104,000 trucks with "defeat devices" designed to cheat emissions tests -- like VW's cheating, this software was designed to produce low NOx ratings when the trucks were undergoing emissions tests, but to ramp up NOx emissions during normal road use, trading emissions for fuel-efficiency. (more…)

Trump's NSA will be able to share its firehose of surveillance data with 16 government agencies (Thanks, Obama)

Boing Boing -

The new data-sharing rules enacted by the Obama administration will allow the NSA to lawfully share the unredacted, full take of its surveillance databases with sixteen other US government agencies -- meaning that, for example, Trump's door-to-door deportation squads could use that data to figure out who's doors to break down, and his Muslim surveillance database could bootstrap itself with NSA data. (more…)

In one day, Trump and Republicans shattered the norms of decency, political transparency, and accountability

Boing Boing -

In a 24-hour period, America experienced: its next president giving a press-conference in which paid shills applauded or booed as suited his needs; its next president wielding a binder of blank pages as a prop, declaring it to be his "conflict of interest plan"; its next president setting out a way to launder bribes through the State Department; its Congress holding a 1AM vote to ban the Budget Office from investigating the real costs of legislation; its Senate voting to strip 22 million people of health-care (including me and my family). That was all in one day. (more…)

CVS is making a generic epipen: $110/2 pens

Boing Boing -

The price of Epipens -- purchased annually by people with severe allergies and stocked in the first-aid cabinets of schools, businesses, and ambulances -- more than quintupled in a decade, thanks to the tactics of Mylan CEO Heather Bresch (daughter of Senator Joe Manchin [D-WV]), who took home a 671% raise for her work, which raised this lifesaving technology's pricetag beyond the reach of many people, who turned to low-cost DIY alternatives. (more…)


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