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Net Neutrality wins

In a 3 to 2 party-line vote, the FCC decided today that broadband internet access will be classified as a "telecommunications service under Title II," a utility like telephone service.

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Personal technology is political

Dan Gillmor, who was the San Jose Mercury News's leading tech columnist during the dotcom years, and was one of the first reporters to go Mac, has switched over to using all free/open source software: Ubuntu GNU/Linux on a Thinkpad, Cyanogenmod on an Android phone. Read the rest

Maraschino cherry plant used as cover for drug ring

As marijuana slowly becomes legal across America, a New York cherry magnate has shot himself in the head as law enforcement uncovered a large stash of weed, cars and cash hidden in his plant. Gawker has the story.

"Underground, it was really 'Breaking Bad,'" said the astounded law enforcement source.