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LISTEN: Cops harassed man filming them, cooked up charges to "cover our ass"

This video depicts an angry cop lying about the law—"it's illegal to take photographs of me"—then, after he confiscates the camera but forgets to turn it off, his discussion with a fellow officer about now to "cover our ass." The Hartford Courant reports they're in some superficial degree of trouble over this, which is a start.

Michael Picard, 27, of East Hartford, was charged with creating a public disturbance and reckless use of the highway for the Sept. 11 incident in which a trooper can be heard saying on a recording of the encounter, "We gotta cover our asses."

Kickstarting "Uprising - A Post-Apocalyptic Robot Comedy"

Ben Hansford writes about his Kickstarter campaign for a short film called "Uprising - A Post-Apocalyptic Robot Comedy,"On the surface it's a comedy - but at its heart it's a story about me (an idiot man-child) becoming a responsible father. It's also a one-man show, with me doing all of the development, production, post, and visual effects on a shoe-string budget. But most importantly, Uprising is my chance to do my film, my way, with my friends and family by my side." (more…)

Frame, snap, edit: take your camera skills from basic to pro with this bundle from Adobe KnowHow

We can all snap a photo these days. We can even adjust some red eyes and slap on a filter, post it up and call it a masterpiece. But if you really want to take your pics to the professional level, you need Adobe. You can learn everything you need to know about it now for 93% off of this all-inclusive course pack. There’s a reason why Photoshop is the leading industry standard for incredible images: it’s the best. And guess what? You can master it too.

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These are not your friends’ filters. With these image skills, you could land yourself a new job and at the very least, a whole new world of creative hobbies. This is professional level artistry and you’ll never look at a photograph the same way again. Get on this level at 93% off this course pack and look at your career through a whole new lens.

Report: Chicago PD dashcams sabotaged by officers

80 percent of Chicago PD dashcam videos have been tampered with or otherwise damaged, according to technicians' reports, with audio missing due to 'intentional destruction' in many cases.

Radley Balko: At minimum, intentionally destroying dash-cam equipment is destruction of public property. You could argue that it’s also tampering with or destroying evidence, particularly if there’s proof that it was done after a shooting or other major incident. [state’s attorney Anita] Alvarez tried to imprison a woman for recording the alleged harassment she received from police while attempting to file a report alleging sexual assault by another police officer. But when cops tamper with evidence of a police shooting of an unarmed man, all she can say is that it’s “frustrating” and that she’d “prefer to have the audio”?

The lack of consequences is the thing. This goes for everything from internet comment trolls right up to killer cops.

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