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An Everyday Linux User Review Of Chakra Linux

LXer -

Chakra does really fall into the pool of distros that is suitable for the Everyday User but I decided to give it a go anyway after receiving a request. As well as being my first review of Chakra this is also my first review of KDE Plasma.

Italy Invests 150 Million Euros In Surveillance, With Emphasis On PS4 Chats

Slashdot -

An anonymous reader sends word that Italy will spend 150 million Euros on reforming information and security services. Part of this reform will be monitoring communication among users of the "chat" feature on PlayStation 4. The Stack reports: "Italian Minister of Justice Andrea Orlando has revealed that Italy is spending 150 million euros ($157mn) on new technology and staff to improve surveillance capabilities, and emphasized that the 'new instruments' (it's not clear whether this means new technology or new requisitions) will also target the Sony PlayStation network which fell under suspicion as a possible forum of organization for the Paris attacks (though no evidence was found to support this)."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

WhatsApp Blocks Links to Telegram Messenger (Its biggest Competitor)

The Hacker News -

It seems like Facebook-owned popular messaging service WhatsApp is blocking links to rival messaging applications – at least Telegram app for now. Telegram users are noticing that WhatsApp is blocking any links to the privacy-oriented messaging service Telegram.me. Although users are free to send or receive Telegram links on WhatsApp, the links appear as non-clickable that you cannot

Gen 5 Briq mini-PC runs Black Lab Linux on Core i3 or i5

LXer -

The slimmer, completely air-cooled Black Lab Briq Gen 5 mini-PC has Mac Mini-like specs and runs Black Lab Linux on a Core i3 or i5 CPU. PC/OpenSystems has offered a commercial version of the Black Lab Linux distribution since 2007, and sponsors Black Lab Software, which sells the community version. The company has now released […]

Scholars and activists stand in solidarity with shuttered research-sharing sites

Boing Boing -

This week, the scholarly publishing giant Elsevier filed suit against Sci-Hub and Library Genesis, two sites where academics and researchers practiced civil disobedience by sharing the academic papers that Elsevier claims -- despite having acquired the papers for free from researchers, and despite having had them refereed and overseen by editorial boards staffed by more volunteering academics. (more…)


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