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Windows 10 IE With Spartan Engine Performance Vs. Chrome and Firefox

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MojoKid writes: In Microsoft's latest Windows 10 preview build released last week, Cortana made an entrance, but the much-anticipated Spartan browser did not. However, little did we realize that some of Spartan made the cut, in the form of an experimental rendering engine hidden under IE's hood. Microsoft has separated its Trident rendering engine into two separate versions: one is for Spartan, called EdgeHTML, while the other remains under its legacy naming with Internet Explorer. The reason Microsoft doesn't simply forego the older version is due to compatibility concerns. If you're running the Windows 10 9926 build, chances are good that you're automatically taking advantage of the new EdgeHTML engine in IE. To check, you can type 'about:flags' into the address bar. "Automatic" means that the non-Spartan Trident engine will be called-upon only if needed. In all other cases, you'll be taking advantage of the future Spartan web rendering engine. Performance-wise, the results with IE are like night and day in certain spots. Some of the improvements are significant. IE's Sunspider result already outperforms the competition, but it has been further improved. And with Kraken, the latency with the Spartan-powered Trident engine dropped 40%. Similar results are seen with a boost in the Octane web browser test as well.

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‘Anti-Islamization’ & ‘pro-tolerance’ activists march in Berlin (VIDEO)

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Over 550 activists united under the motto "Berlin patriots against the Islamization of the West" (Bärgida) gathered in the center of the German capital to march on the Federal Chancellery and highlight their concern over the “unfair” treatment of native Germans.

PEGIDA is a German acronym, which translates to Patriot Europeans Against the Islamization of the West. Its core principle is that the movement sees the rise of the influence of Islam within European countries as dangerous. However, in its manifesto the group opposes extremism and calls for Germany’s Judeo-Christian religious culture to be protected.

A counter-protest against racism, numbering some 1,100 people, walked in a simultaneous march with Bärgida.

Over 1,000 police officers from Berlin, Bremen, Schleswig-Holstein, and the Federal Police were deployed to ensure there were no clashes between the groups. Everything went smoothly, police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf said in the evening.

Meanwhile, Ruptly reported that police made at least one arrest at the Bärgida demonstration in Berlin. Footage showed one man being detained by police at an intersection where the pro- and anti- Bärgida rallies came within meters of each other, divided only by a police line.

Protests also took place in a number of other cities throughout Germany, a country highly divided over the issue of immigration.

Tens of thousands demonstrated in Dresden, gathering for a concert titled 'Open and Colorful' in front of the Church of Our Lady of Cosmopolitanism. The rally voiced concern over anti-Islam rallies that have intensified in Germany in recent months. PEGIDA has been organizing weekly demonstrations in Dresden since mid-October.

Organizers said the concert was aimed at speaking out against xenophobia and racism. "Everyone [who] can join this theme are welcome," said a spokeswoman for the organizers, Gerhard Ehninger. "We want to show that Dresden is cosmopolitan, tolerant and colorful.”

READ MORE: Thousands in Dresden ‘anti-Islamization’ march despite leader’s Hitler-photo fallout

In Frankfurt, about 100 supporters of PEGIDA gathered in the city center near the main train station, surrounded by 14,000 counter-demonstrators. The situation was tense, local media reported, with small scuffles breaking out between PEGIDA opponents and the police.

Por la JUSTICIA y contra el RACISMO.Marcha Ayotzi/Anti-PEGIDA - Frankfurt #AccionGlobalporAyotzinapa @Pajaropoliticopic.twitter.com/yBKxOEK2AJ

— Ayotzinapa (@AyotziFrankfurt) January 26, 2015

Frankfurt Pegida 70 / anti-pegida 16.500 #RheinMainRockspic.twitter.com/F6UZFAAhIj

— Darren Cooper (@dc7590) January 26, 2015

Pro-cosmopolitan supporters, whose mottos were “Together for Diversity” and “Islam is part of Germany – Yes,” overpowered the “Sharia – no thanks” slogans of the anti-Islam movement.

16500 brüllen in #Frankfurt 100 #Pegida - Anhänger aus der Stadt. Bilanz: 7 Festnahmen Foto: MAHNKE @BILD_Frankfurtpic.twitter.com/0DI5j0ROit

— Max Schneider (@MaxxSchneider) January 26, 2015

Hanover, Bremen, and Karlsruhe also held pro- and anti-Islam demonstrations on Monday night.

INTERVIEW-Winklevoss twins expect Q1 debut of bitcoin exchange

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HOLLYWOOD, Fla., Jan 26- Winklevoss Capital, the firm run by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, expects to get regulatory approval to launch a U.S. exchange for investors to buy and sell the virtual currency bitcoin in the first quarter, the twins told Reuters on Monday. And we will be ready by then, " Cameron Winklevoss, a principal at New York-based Winklevoss Capital, said...

Coinbase opens first regulated Bitcoin exchange in the United States

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Coinbase just announced the launching of the first fully regulated Bitcoin exchange in the United States and the cryptocurrency community, along with every medie outlet, is making the good news go viral. The company – which scored a record funding round of $75 million just last week thanks to the investments of major institutions and personalities ...

Police Organization Wants Cop-Spotting Dropped From Waze App

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An anonymous reader writes "The Register reports on a request from the US National Sheriffs' Association, which "wants Google to block its crowd-sourced traffic app Waze from being able to report the position of police officers, saying the information is putting officer's lives at risk." From the article: "'The police community needs to coordinate an effort to have the owner, Google, act like the responsible corporate citizen they have always been and remove this feature from the application even before any litigation or statutory action,' AP reports Sheriff Mike Brown, the chairman of the NSA's technology committee, told the association's winter conference in Washington....Brown called the app a 'police stalker,' and said being able to identify where officers were located could put them at personal risk. Jim Pasco, executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, said his members had concerns as well. 'I can think of 100 ways that it could present an officer-safety issue,' Pasco said. 'There's no control over who uses it. So, if you're a criminal and you want to rob a bank, hypothetically, you use your Waze.'"

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