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Gene Drive Turns Mosquitoes Into Malaria Fighters

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sciencehabit writes: The war against malaria has a new ally: a controversial technology for spreading genes throughout a population of animals. Researchers report today that they have harnessed a so-called gene drive to efficiently endow mosquitoes with genes that should make them immune to the malaria parasite—and unable to spread it. On its own, gene drive won't get rid of malaria, but if successfully applied in the wild the method could help wipe out the disease, at least in some corners of the world. The approach "can bring us to zero [cases]," says Nora Besansky, a geneticist at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, who specializes in malaria-carrying mosquitoes. "The mosquitoes do their own work [and] reach places we can't afford to go or get to."

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Why We Can\'t Blame Bitcoin for Terrorist Funding

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Lacksidasical AML Efforts Help Fund Terrorist Attacks – Bitcoin Not To Blame Written by: Jp Buntinx Contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin is not the preferred currency to fund terrorist attacks. Due to its open ledger accountability and not offering any form of anonymity whatsoever, Bitcoin transactions can easily be tracked from origin to recipient. The main threat comes from insufficient dirty money regulation, especially as far as the […]

A New Step Forward in Bitcoin Gaming

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Battlecoin.org: A New Bitcoin Bomberman Experience Written by: Jamie Redman This past year the discussion of Bitcoin and gaming has risen in popularity quite a bit. Many new games have entered the blockchain environment. Everything from card trading games like Spells of Genesis to Minecraft servers that allow cryptocurrency trade. A new game has entered the playing field called Battlecoin.org which is a clone of the classic video […]

New Cryptocurrency Groups are Heading Your Way

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Check Out These Cryptocurrency Clubs And Bitcoin Groups! Written by: Jamie Redman There\'s a lot of discussion on reddit and bitcointalk.org concerning Bitcoin. However, there are other groups with vast amounts of people throughout various social media platforms. Other areas of conversation and sharing arenas such as Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, and Voat that offer new playgrounds for digital currency enthusiasts. With all the censorship happening at /r/bitcoin, […]

The Blockchain Debate is Getting Bigger and Bigger

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The Blockchain Debate Is Heating Up Written by: Jp Buntinx An interesting discussion is taking place on Reddit right now, debating whether Bitcoin or the blockchain is the real innovation in the financial sector. Even though there are various blockchain projects in existence, the Bitcoinblockchain appears to be the only viable option due to its network strength. Is there a future for all of these financial players without […]

How to Baffle Web Trackers by Obfuscating Your Movements Online

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Online ad networks and search engines love it when you surf around. Everything you do-every page you load, every query you type-helps them build a profile of you, the better to sell ads targeting your interests. Spy agencies are probably also happy to track your online moves.


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