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Police forcibly strip, lock up, pepper-spray Indiana woman (VIDEO)

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The woman’s attorney said that it may be a routine procedure at the facility and that she has proof that other women are consistently given the same treatment.

On March 30, Tabitha Gentry, a mother of four, was detained by a police officer for disorderly conduct and resisting law enforcement, both misdemeanor charges.

She was then booked at the Floyd County Jail and, her attorney stated, grabbed around the neck. Her body was grabbed as well.

“They hold her down,” lawyer Laura Landenwich said as cited by the local news station WDRB. “There are two male officers and two female officers and they forcibly remove her pants, her shoes, her underwear and her shirt and bra.”

After that, the terrified woman apparently started banging on the door. Someone came to the door, threatening to pepper spray her if she didn’t “shut up,” a threat they apparently carried out, spraying the room.

"Terrified and humiliated, she's banging on the door asking someone to give her [back] her clothing and someone comes to the door and says, 'If you don't shut up, I'm going to pepper spray you,' and sure enough, they open the door, spray pepper spray into the room and they leave - and they leave her in there for 40 minutes, naked, in a cell filled with pepper spray."

Then the cops allowed Gentry out of her cell to wash off the chemicals, parading her through the whole station. She was left naked in the cell for five more hours afterwards, according to the lawyer.

“Now this is a woman, who under our system of law, is innocent until proven guilty. She’s charged and she’s charged with a misdemeanor crime that’s not a violent crime,” Landenwich stressed.

The attorney also underlined that it appears to be standard procedure at the facility.

“What we also see on the video is there is another inmate also being held naked prior to her entering that cell,” Landenwich told WDRB. “These are egregious constitutional violations.”

Furthermore, it is not the first time such allegations have been made against the jail.

Two years ago, another woman named Ashley Storms was allegedly undressed by sheriff’s deputies, then tased and left naked in a cell for eight hours.

That case was eventually settled out of court for a sum of money that wasn’t revealed.

However, the Floyd County Sheriff told journalists that the officers at the facility “don’t strip search” inmates as a policy.

He added that he believes in this case his officers acted appropriately and that no jail policies were breached.

NSA's Novel Claim: Our Systems Are Too Complex To Obey the Law

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Reader Bruce66423 (1678196) points out skeptical-sounding coverage at the Washington Post of the NSA's claim that it can't hold onto information it collects about users' online activity long enough for it to be useful as evidence in lawsuits about the very practice of that collection. From the article: 'The agency is facing a slew of lawsuits over its surveillance programs, many launched after former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked information on the agency's efforts last year. One suit that pre-dates the Snowden leaks, Jewel v. NSA, challenges the constitutionality of programs that the suit allege collect information about Americans' telephone and Internet activities. In a hearing Friday, U.S. District for the Northern District of California Judge Jeffrey S. White reversed an emergency order he had issued earlier the same week barring the government from destroying data that the Electronic Frontier Foundation had asked be preserved for that case. The data is collected under Section 702 of the Amendments Act to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. But the NSA argued that holding onto the data would be too burdensome. "A requirement to preserve all data acquired under section 702 presents significant operational problems, only one of which is that the NSA may have to shut down all systems and databases that contain Section 702 information," wrote NSA Deputy Director Richard Ledgett in a court filing submitted to the court. The complexity of the NSA systems meant preservation efforts might not work, he argued, but would have "an immediate, specific, and harmful impact on the national security of the United States.' Adds Bruce66423: "This of course implies that they have no backup system — or at least that the backup are not held for long."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

12 Intel-powered mini PCs for $300 or less

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There was a time when small laptop computers cost a small fortune. Then netbooks came along and showed that miniaturization didn’t need to be expensive: Computers  makers could use cheap parts and sell the resulting mini-laptops at cheap prices. Over the last few years something similar’s been happening on the desktop PC space. Folks looking for […]

12 Intel-powered mini PCs for $300 or less is a post from: Liliputing

​UK to rewrite road laws to pave way for driverless cars

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The UK government says it wants to become a world leader in the development of driverless vehicles, moving to modify road regulations to incorporate the next-generation cars. Although Google is currently at the forefront with 100 self-driving machines in the pipeline, British Science Minister David Willetts says the UK is not far behind.

"We are one of the world leaders in this," Willetts told the Daily Mail, "there is technology and it's British technology. The technology is being developed at Oxford as we speak."

Willetts said he was currently in negotiations with the Department of Transport over rewrites in the Highway Code – the UK road manual – to make way for the vehicles. He wants to make sure “there is a clear and appropriate regime for the testing of driverless cars that supports the world’s car companies to come and test them here.”

The UK government announced last year that it wants to make Britain a center for driverless vehicles. To encourage regional development, the government has also created a $12 million prize fund to encourage a town or city to modify its infrastructure for the cars.

"Driverless cars have the potential to transform our roads and create opportunities for UK companies to develop new technology and create economic growth. We need to ensure their use on UK roads is safe and that the wider public benefit," said the Department of Transport.

Google revealed its plans to build 100 driverless cars in May. Although the end design aims to only have an on-and-off button, the prototypes that are being developed with a steering wheel and pedals to comply with California road laws. Google’s cars will have a top speed of 25mph.

The Californian Department of Motor Vehicles is already drawing up regulations for the cars.

The DMV had thought that the reality was several years away, so it would have time to perfect the rules. That clock just sped up, said the head of the DMV's driverless car program, Bernard Soriano.

"Because of what is potentially out there soon, we need to make sure that the regulations are in place that would keep the public safe but would not impede progress," Soriano added.

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Democracy Now! Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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Headlines for June 10, 2014; As Right-Wing Shooting Rampages Grow, U.S. Revives Domestic Terror Unit Shelved After 9/11; As Taliban Attacks Karachi Airport Again, Could Pakistan Fall Into Civil War With Militants?; As Obama Moves to Cap Student Debt Payments, Activists Push For Broader Write-Off of Crushing Loans; Is College Worth It? New Doc "Ivory Tower" Tackles Higher Ed's Unsustainable Spending, Student Debt

Apple iOS 8 Randomizes MAC Address while Scanning for WiFi Networks

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A quiet change in the privacy setting of its forthcoming iOS 8 smartphone Operating System, Apple could effectively block the path for advertisers, marketers, and other snoopers looking to collect data about you and your location from your Smartphone devices. When your mobile device scan for a free Wi-Fi network, whether at the shopping complex, airport, or restaurant, it sends out the MAC

Democracy Now! 2014-06-10 Tuesday

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Democracy Now! 2014-06-10 Tuesday
  • Headlines for June 10, 2014
  • As Right-Wing Shooting Rampages Grow, U.S. Revives Domestic Terror Unit Shelved After 9/11
  • As Taliban Attacks Karachi Airport Again, Could Pakistan Fall Into Civil War With Militants?
  • As Obama Moves to Cap Student Debt Payments, Activists Push For Broader Write-Off of Crushing Loans
  • Is College Worth It? New Doc "Ivory Tower" Tackles Higher Ed's Unsustainable Spending, Student Debt

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