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Microsoft Creates a Docker-Like Container For Windows

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angry tapir writes Hoping to build on the success of Docker-based Linux containers, Microsoft has developed a container technology to run on its Windows Server operating system. The Windows Server Container can be used to package an application so it can be easily moved across different servers. It uses a similar approach to Docker's, in that all the containers running on a single server all share the same operating system kernel, making them smaller and more responsive than standard virtual machines.

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Fatal shooting at Palace of Justice in Milan, Italy - judge

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The gunman is reportedly a defendant in a bankruptcy case, Reuters cited police as saying. According to prosecutors, the assailant killed two people and wounded another. The suspect, identified as Claudio Giardiello, shot a witness in his case, Corriere Della Sera reported.

#Milano spari al Palazzo di Giustizia: "2 morti, 1 ferito" killer armato ancora dentro palazzo http://t.co/vETr3Jvc5e pic.twitter.com/eDWKgn63sp

— Corriere della Sera (@Corriereit) April 9, 2015

The Palace of Justice was immediately evacuated, said La Repubblica newspaper, adding that hundreds of people were seen outside the building.

The incident took place at about 11 am local time, when witnesses reportedly heard four or five gunshots.

Raspbian GNU/Linux upgrade from Wheezy to Raspbian Jessie 8

LXer -

The upgrade from Raspbian Wheezy to Raspbian 8 Jessie is a fairly simple procedure. However, a caution must be exercised as there is always a chance to break the entire system. The less packages and services are installed the more likely you will be able successfully upgrade your Raspbian Linux system.

How to Run Multiple Whatsapp Account on Your Android Phone

The Hacker News -

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messenger app that also lets you share pictures, videos, music files and so on. By now, everyone of us have WhatsApp in our smartphones. I prefer WhatsApp among other messaging apps due to its simplicity and instant messaging service. Although each and everything is quite handy in WhatsApp, but "What’s the most disturbing part that you came across?" For me


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