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Trans Pacific Partnership meeting switched from Vancouver to Ottawa, ducking critics

Boing Boing -

What could make the secretive Trans Pacific Partnership process even less legit?

Moving it at the last minute, under cover of darkness, from Vancouver to Ottawa, in order to avoid critics of the treaty and how it is being negotiated. The TPP is a secretive treaty that allows corporations to sue governments that enact environmental, health and governmental regulations that interfere with their profits. It also calls for vastly expanded Internet spying and censorship in the name of protecting copyright.

Only trade negotiators and corporate lobbyists are allowed to see the drafts of the agreement (though plenty of these drafts have leaked) -- often times, members of Congress and Parliament are denied access to them, even though the agreement will set out legal obligations that these elected officials will be expected to meet. Read the rest

​Goldman Sachs goes to court to ‘un-send’ email to Google user

RT -

The email in question was sent by a Goldman contractor, who was testing changes in the New York bank’s internal process and intended to file her report, according to Reuters.

But instead of using a ‘gs.com’ account, she mistakenly typed ‘gmail.com’, sending the report with confidential client data to an unrelated user of Google’s email service.

The security breach occurred on June 23. Goldman failed to get a response from the Gmail account owner and wants Google to help track this person down.

The internet giant “appears willing to cooperate" if there is a court order, the bank said in a complaint filed in a New York State court last Friday to obtain one.

"Emergency relief is necessary to avoid the risk of inflicting a needless and massive privacy violation upon Goldman Sachs' clients, and to avoid the risk of unnecessary reputational damage to Goldman Sachs," the bank said.

"By contrast, Google faces little more than the minor inconvenience of intercepting a single email - an email that was indisputably sent in error," it added.

Goldman did not specify how many clients were affected by the disclosure of their private data.


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