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How to verify recepient recieved payment

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I sent a bitcoin payment using circle pay. According to my circle pay it is a completed transaction. It's been two days and the person on the other end is claiming they have not recieved the money. How can I check to see if he is telling the truth. From what I read all transactions are (...)

Tiny fanless mini-PC runs Ubuntu on Braswell NUC

LXer -

Logic Supply unveiled a tiny, Intel NUC based “CL100” mini-PC that runs Ubuntu on a quad-core “Braswell” Celeron N3150, and has no vents or moving parts. Like Logic Supply’s rugged ML100 mini-PC, the CL100 is based on a fanless, Intel NUC design that runs Ubuntu Linux or Windows on a quad-core Intel Celeron processor. Yet, […]

Server Snafu Makes Microsoft Beg For CA Audit Data From Its Partners

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An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft, just like Google, Apple, and Mozilla, is part of the CA/BForum, an organization of web browser vendors and certification authorities (CAs). As a browser vendor, Microsoft maintains a list of authorized CAs and their respective root certificates. According to a message on the CA/BForum, there was an error on the server that was running a CRM application that managed this list of trusted certificates and the adjacent details regarding each certificate and CA. The data is lost forever and Microsoft is now asking CAs to resend their most recent audits. Currently a lot of certs are broken in Edge and IE. Microsoft says that it lost audit data for 147 root certificates, which resulted in many SSL/TLS certificates showing errors inside the company's products.

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Mozilla Jumps On IoT Bandwagon

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mikejuk writes: Mozilla has been clarifying some of its plans to convert the Firefox OS project into four IoT based projects. At a casual glance, this seems like a naive move that is doomed to failure. Project Link is a 'user agent' for the smart home, that helps the end user set preferences for device interaction, and automates those connections for the user in a secure environment. Next, Project Sensor Web will be a pilot project for crowdsourcing a pm2.5 sensor network. Project Smart Home is focused on bridging the gap in IoT smart home providers between completely boxed solutions like Apple HomeKit, and completely DIY solutions like Raspberry Pi. Finally, Project Vaani is a voice interface for IoT access, which Mozilla credits as the 'most natural way to interact with connected devices.' With Firefox losing market share and projects like Firefox OS, Thunderbird, Shumway, and Persona closing down, perhaps Mozilla should try and find its way back to core concerns. All four of the projects need significant AI expertise and a powerful cloud computing resource neither of which Mozilla is likely to be able to afford.

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A Call for Freedom in India, Set to a Dubstep Beat

The Intercept -

The leader of a student protest movement in India, who spent the last three weeks in jail, wanted to make one thing perfectly clear when he was released on bail Thursday night in New Delhi. When he called for “freedom,” or “azadi,” at a protest before his arrest, Kanhaiya Kumar told supporters, he was talking about freedom from a range of ills plaguing Indian society, not independence for the state of Kashmir.

“We are not asking for freedom from India, we are asking for freedom in India,” he said in an impassioned speech at Jawaharlal Nehru University, where he is the president of the students union.

Thank you #KanhaiyaKumar for giving new national anthem to India. ?????? @dilipkpandey @Saurabh_MLAgk pic.twitter.com/Ya9RgxjFlS

— Maya (@Armaan08Singh) March 4, 2016

His classmates, and supporters around the country who have demonstrated for his release, were already well aware of this distinction, but Kumar had good reason to explain himself. Since his arrest, the student activist has been the victim of a social media smear campaign, with doctored clips circulating online, and broadcast on television, that distorted his remarks at a protest last month. One channel even broadcast apparently fake footage that had Kumar shouting “Long Live Pakistan!”

Late Thursday, Kumar blamed ultranationalist supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the fakery.

While he was in jail, the case for Kumar’s innocence was perhaps most persuasively made by a DJ in Chandigarh, Dub Sharma, who remixed the activist’s calls for freedom — from hunger, feudalism, capitalism and caste-based discrimination — at a protest the day before his arrest, and set them to a catchy dubstep beat.

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