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Self-Driving Tesla Owners Share Videos of Reckless Driving

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An anonymous reader writes: The driver killed in a Tesla car accident "celebrated the Autopilot feature that made it possible for him to cruise the highways, making YouTube videos of himself driving hands-free," reports the New York Times, adding that one of his videos of a near-miss went viral just 11 weeks before his death -- after it was shared on Twitter by Elon Musk. But USA Today reports that Tesla drivers have also filmed themselves playing Jenga and Checkers or sleeping while using the autopilot feature. "Even though Tesla tells drivers to 'keep your hands on the wheel at all times and stay alert,' the temptation to test a no-hands drive is just too much." In April, a Volvo driver had criticized Tesla for releasing a dangerous "wannabe" Autopilot system. But when Tesla introduced the self-driving feature in October, Elon Musk argued that "Long term, it'll be way better than a person. It never gets tired, never has something to drink, never argues with someone in the car." He had also said that within three years Tesla cars should be able to drive a sleeping driver in to work -- but that that functionality is not currently supported.

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webcam software

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surveillance software. Digital Corporation Saigon is one of the leading companies on the issue of supply and installation of security camera systems, ... The company has supplied, installed surveillance cameras for many plants, businesses, schools, (...)

a problem of my bitcoin-core

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my BTC wallet was bitcoin core ver. 0.12.1 a few days ago, after i sent my BTC to another adress, maybe the transaction fee was not enough, status was 0 confirmation 2 days later, nothing changed. so i google a solution "-salvagewallet" then it seem work BUT today i try to send my BTC (...)


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