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UK detaining immigrant moms with kids 'obscene in modern civilized society'

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The 13 facilities, called “Immigration Removal Centres,” hold in detention some 30,000 people. There the immigrants and asylum seekers, including torture survivors, mothers with children and other vulnerable individuals, can be kept under lock indefinitely in “appalling” conditions, Sarah Campbell, from the group Bail for Immigration Detainees, told RT.

“We are extremely concerned that there is no time limit on immigration detention in the UK. Some of the people we deal with have been in detention for several years, in some cases their mental health has deteriorated during that time. And it’s frankly appalling,” she said.

“We are seeing a lot of people being detained unnecessarily and in some cases unlawfully.”

The lack of access to proper healthcare is one of the biggest problems the detainees face, Campbell said.

“To give you an example we dealt with the case where a man who was diagnosed with prostate cancer didn’t receive any treatment while he was in immigration detention for a period of six months,” she said.

“He had four hospital appointments he was supposed to go to receive treatment. The Home Office failed to transport him to any of them and he only actually got treatment when he was released on bail as a result of an application by my organization. The Home Office opposed his release but the court decided to release him.”

The individual in question was among the many people who went on a hunger strike at one point to protest his situation. In addition to not being treated he was separated from his partner and children by the authorities.

The obstruction is facilitated by the procedure of medical evaluation of the detainees, explained Keith Best, former chief executive of Freedom from Torture, who also headed the Immigration Advisory Service charity.

“It’s very difficult because though doctors do visit and they are meant to check out people, it’s very difficult to get people actually taken out of the immigration detention on those medical grounds not least because the people actually looking at those reports are not really qualified to make that judgment,” he told RT.

Getting advice from a lawyer may be as difficult as getting one from a doctor for the detainees and it has just as serious an impact on their lives, Campbell said.

“Immigration law is extremely complex. Often the people we are dealing with might have a limited command of English, limited education, they don’t know the legislation they need to know to represent themselves effectively,” she said. “So without representation they can be detained and they can be also put on a plane and removed even while it’s not lawful.”

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The immigrants kept in those de facto prisons even though they didn’t commit any crimes have to endure harsh conditions, according to media and human rights groups’ reports. They face mistreatment from guards, including sexual harassment. Many develop mental health problems during their incarceration. Adding to that is uncertainty in their future, considering that they face deportation to their origin countries and whatever they fled from in the first place.

Being held in one of the centers is “a terribly traumatic experience,” Best said. Causing all this suffering is not only immoral but also unjustified, he believes, because the fear that they would disappear in Britain if released from custody is blown out of proportion.

“Quite frankly the degree of absconding by families with young children is so rare that there should be no courts whatsoever to put women and children into detention. That is obscene quite frankly in a modern civilized society,” he said.

“Most of those people want to have their claim properly looked at, properly adjudicated… There has been really no effort by the government to try to get the cooperation of people who are held in detention who very often want exactly the same thing as the government and that is to have a speedy determination or fair determination of their claim," Best said.

At least 14 dead, dozens wounded in twin blasts at Christian churches in Lahore, Pakistan

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The explosions happened minutes apart, during the Sunday services, in the mainly Christian suburb.

Two churches were targeted: one Catholic, and one Protestant. They are located near each other. Bombers detonated the devices near the gates of both churches.

"I was sitting at a shop near the church when a blast jolted the area. I rushed towards the spot and saw the security guard scuffle with a man who was trying to enter the church, after failing, he blew himself up. I saw his body parts flying through the air," witness Amir Masih told Reuters.

The guard was killed as well, Masih added.

The death toll of 14 people may rise, as “rescue operations are still under way,” rescue services spokesman Sajjad Hussain said.

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Following the explosions, locals lynched two men they suspected were involved, and journalist Riaz Ahmed told Reuters he had seen two burned bodies at an intersection.

Lahore has the largest Christian community in Pakistan, and locals have taken to the streets of Lahore, Peshawar, and Karachi to protest a lack of security, Tass news agency reported. They are demanding that the country’s premier step down.

Pope Francis said that he feels great pain over the church attacks.

"These are Christian churches. Christians are persecuted, our brothers spill their blood simply because they are Christians," the pontiff said, as quoted by Reuters.

Vatican backs military force against #ISIS if political solution impossible http://t.co/YApCNMJi4Y pic.twitter.com/IJapf3clZe

— RT (@RT_com) March 15, 2015

The local Taliban faction Jamatul Ahrar has claimed responsibility for the deadly blasts. Attacks on religious institutions in Lahore have become more frequent since last year when the Pakistani government refused to hold peace negotiations with the Taliban.

The previous largest attack on Christians in Pakistan occurred in 2013, when 80 people were killed by bombers at a church in Peshawar.

Indonesian aerobatics aircraft collide and crash during training (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

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Two KT-1 B aircraft with the Indonesian Jupiter aerobatics team were preparing for the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA) 2015 exhibition, when they collided, say local media reports from the scene.

The two planes were a part of the formation of six aircraft belonging to the Indonesian Air Force. The first aircraft fell within the perimeter of the Langkawi International Airport, while the second hit near a neighbouring village. At least two houses caught fire following the incident.

Acrobatic aircrafts crashed during the show. #LIMA15 #news #langkawi #pilot #plane #acrobatic #crash #aviation #instaaviation #aviationgram #aviationlife

A video posted by Azlan Ismail (@_azlancepticon) on Mar 14, 2015 at 11:50pm PDT

The training maneuvers were immediately halted and Combat Search and Rescue helicopters of the Royal Malaysian Air Force were dispatched at the scene.

There were four pilots aboard the two aircraft, according to local media reports.

BREAKING Impressive photo from Oliver Santa of the pilots ejected http://t.co/SDDUJMVueb pic.twitter.com/vH2tGiuKbV

— Air News&Services (@airlivenet) March 15, 2015

Pilots of both planes managed to eject from the vehicles and were located by Fire and Rescue Services Department staff and sent to the Langkawi Hospital, according to eyewitnesses’ reports.

“Two in mid-air collision from Jupiter Aerobatic Team. Both pilots ejected. Hopefully no injuries on ground,” an eyewitness, Markus Chong posted on Facebook.

“I was having lunch, when suddenly saw the two planes colliding at the tail end, emitting smoke, before they crashed…One of the pilots managed to bail out with a parachute, “another eyewitness, Husin Ahmad, told local Bernama TV.

@JupiterAT Nos 5 & 6 @LIMAExhibitions yesterday. Both aircraft lost today following collision. Reports both crew OK pic.twitter.com/gchZai3Ufh

— Nigel Pittaway (@NigelPittaway1) March 15, 2015

PLAAF August 1st aerobatics team at LIMA 2015 http://t.co/UQvj14k1NQ pic.twitter.com/HOXxqK2xVd

— Alert 5 (@alert5) March 15, 2015

Navy vice-admiral Datuk Seri Ahmad Kamarulzaman Ahmad Badaruddin wrote on Twitter: “Let’s pray for pilots safety “@alert5: Two chutes seen after @_TNIAU @JupiterAT team crash”.

The LIMA exhibition is a biannual event which takes place in the Langkawi archipelago of Malaysia. One of the largest maritime and aerospace exhibitions in the Asia-Pacific region, the event is mainly focused on the defense industry.

Malaysia fire service Mi17 scrambling @LIMAExhibitionspic.twitter.com/JFIp2k26JM

— Alert 5 (@alert5) March 15, 2015

BREAKING PHOTOS Pilots ejected after their aircrafts collide during training #LIMA15 AirShow http://t.co/4bsAvfqgZw pic.twitter.com/Jac2KXbHfC

— Air News&Services (@airlivenet) March 15, 2015

KDE Frameworks 5.8.0 Officially Released with Support for Qt 5.5

LXer -

KDE has announced today, March 13, the immediate availability for download and update of KDE Frameworks 5.8.0, a collection of over 60 add-on libraries for the powerful Qt GUI (Graphical User Interface) toolkit. This release brings a great number of improvements over the previous version, KDE Frameworks 5.7.0, which was released on February 14, 2015.

Intel Will Reportedly Land Apple As a Modem Chip Customer

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itwbennett writes After so many years of spinning its wheels, Intel is reportedly about to make a big step into mobile by providing Apple with LTE modem chips for its hot-selling iPhone. The news comes courtesy of VentureBeat, which cites two separate sources of the plans. The story says Apple will begin using Intel's new 7360 LTE modem processor in place of a Qualcomm chip, which has been there for a few generations.

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