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Rebuild of the Debian archive with Clang

Debian Weekly News -

Sylvestre Ledru published on his blog the results of a complete rebuild of the Debian archive with Clang 3.4, which he ran together with David Suárez. Currently, 2193 packages in the archive are failing to build from source. Although this is about the same number of failing builds as with Clang 3.3 more than a year ago, it is good news because the number of packages in the archive has increased (meaning that the percentage of failures decreased), and Clang 3.4 also has more checks and error detection. Results and statistics are available on a dedicated website.

Other news

Debian Weekly News -

David Moreno announced on his blog that a new mailing list, debian-astro, has been set up to create a discussion space for astronomy in Debian, both for professionals and amateurs, and in general for talk about packaging and development of astronomy-related tools in Debian.


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