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PayPal Freezes $275,000 Campaign Funds of Secure-Email Startup 'ProtonMail'

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ProtonMail, an End-to-End Encrypted email service developed by MIT, Harvard and CERN researchers, who already received over $275,000 from a crowdfunding campaigns to their PayPal account, and was so much excited to launch its beta version, but just before that PayPal freezes their account without any warning. “At this time, it is not possible for ProtonMail to receive or send funds through

Microsoft Seized No-IP Domains, Millions of Dynamic DNS Service Users Suffer Outage

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In an effort to crackdown on cyber crimes, Microsoft has taken a legal action against a malware network what it thought is responsible for more than 7.4 million infections of Windows PCs across the globe. Millions of legitimate servers that rely on Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS) from No-IP.com, owned by Vitalwerks Internet Solutions were blacked out on Monday after Microsoft seized


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