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Buying BTC for USA ACH Transfer at Bitstamp + 7%

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I am buying bitcoins with USA Business ACH Transfers. I am paying Bitstamp last + 7% for the time being but I am open to suggestions/negotiations.

Order Minimum: $250
Order Maximum: $10000

The first time we do business it may take 5-7 days for the tra...

​16yo stowaway survives cold, lack of oxygen during cross-Pacific flight

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The boy was questioned by the bureau after he was discovered on the tarmac at Maui Airport with no identification, FBI spokesman Tom Simon in Honolulu told the Associated Press on Sunday.

"He was unconscious for the lion's share of the flight," Simon said. "It's amazing he survived that."

He added that security footage from San Jose Airport verified that the boy had hopped a fence and got to Hawaiian Airlines Flight 45 on Sunday morning. The journey lasted about 5 1/2 hours.

"Our primary concern now is for the well-being of the boy, who is exceptionally lucky to have survived," Hawaiian Airlines said in a statement.

Simon says the boy will not be charged and was referred to child protective services. The stowaway had run away from his family in Santa Clara, he added.

Flying inside a plane’s landing gear bay, as stowaways usually do, is extremely dangerous and can be fatal. A person traveling in this way would be exposed to extreme cold and shortage of oxygen once the plane reaches high altitude, which is the case for long-distance flights such as trips to Hawaii.

Only one stowaway in four survives the trip, according to US Federal Aviation Administration data. Still there is no shortage of people desperate enough or ignorant enough to endanger their lives for a chance at a free ride.

LTC Game Change Tool

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Innosilicon is proudly announcing the availability of another customer driven ASIC for volume shipment, the 28nm LTC ASIC coded name “A2 Terminator”. This is another game changing ASIC product from Innosilicon, in addition to its successful delivery (...)

Re: Mt. Gox files for liquidation

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What is an order for provisional administration?
It is an order issued by the court under which the provisional administrator, who is appointed by the court, provisionally administers the Company\'s assets until the order for the commencem...

How do I reconfigure a Mt. Gox Yubikey?

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After following the instructions here, which suggested I use ykpers or the gui version, I discovered the Mt. Gox Yubikey is protected by a "configuration protection access code." From the manual: Protection of the key and configuration data Given the symmetric nature of the AES encryption (...)

What Would You Do to Improve Linux?

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I’ve spent a good share of my time asking myself what would have to change in order to make Linux on the desktop a viable choice for the mainstream user. I became curious enough to ask you a question: if you could wave your magic wand and change only one thing about Linux or even the Linuxsphere in general, what would it be? Let’s take a look at what some of you had to say.

Socialism is not possible on a ruined planet

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URL: http://climateandcapitalism.com/2014/04/17/socialism-possible-ruined-planet/

Socialism is not possible on a ruined planet. Socialist scientist: Radicals who minimize the threat of environmental catastrophe are dead wrong. Stopping capitalist ecocide must be a central goal for the left the 21st century.

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UK teachers face increasing online abuse from students, parents – report

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The data, which was released by the largest teacher’s union in the UK, the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT), surveyed 7,500 teachers and found that around 21 percent of those said they have had abusive comments posted about them online.

The majority of those comments were made by students, but parents were also responsible for a hefty amount of participation.

“In its second annual survey of teachers, more than a fifth (21 percent) of respondents reported having had adverse comments posted about them on social media sites and of those, 64 percent were from pupils, 27 percent were from parents and 9 percent by both pupils and parents,” NASUWT said in a press release.

The language used was usually offensive and targeted teachers’ “appearance, competence, or sexuality.”

Most of the abusive remarks were posted by high school students on Facebook. Other social media used included Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as review site Ratemyteacher.

Half of the surveyed teachers who experienced comments from students said the statements included remarks about their performance. Forty-seven percent received general insults. More than one-quarter had videos and photos taken of them and posted online without their consent.

Parent's weren't innocent either; 57 percent of their comments online consisted of insults, while 63 percent dealt with teachers' performances. Seven percent of the comments included threatening behavior.

In one case reported by the Independent, a student tweeted: “You are a paedo (pedofile) and your daughter is a whore.” In another case, a student posted on Facebook that he wanted to kill his teacher, inviting other students to join him.

The very public wave of online abuse has been making an impact on teachers’ abilities and mental health.

“Teachers are often devastated by the vile nature of the abuse they are suffering,” said the general secretary of NASUWT, Chris Keates. They “are often traumatized by the attacks made on them through social media. Some have lost their confidence to teach once they see foul and personal remarks made by pupils in their classes and have left the profession.”

“Others have been so disturbed by the comments that their health has been affected,” Keates added.

One of the major problems pointed out by the survey is that most of the teachers do not report the online abuse to their schools or police. The majority feel that nothing can be done or that their complaint would not be taken seriously, NASUWT explained in the report.

In cases where teachers did report the abuse to the school, 40 percent stated that no action has been taken against the students and 55 percent said that no action was taken against the abusive parents. The numbers are even worse in cases that made their way to the police; over 76 percent of the time, no action was taken in either instance.

NASUWT argues in its report that schools should adopt new policies, including tougher sanctions that could be implemented against students and parents and a better system for removing offensive material from websites.

The teacher’s union also noted that educators need to be encouraged to report cases of abuse to the police.

Drones On Demand

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mikejuk (1801200) writes "Gofor is a new company that is promoting the idea of drones on demand. All you have to do is use the app to request a drone and it shows you were they are and how long before one reaches your location. You want to take the ultimate selfie? Scout ahead to see if the road is clear or just find a parking space? No problem just task a drone to do the job. For the photo you simply flash your phone camera at it and it pinpoints your location for an aerial selfie. If it is scouting ahead then it shows you what awaits you via a video link. See the promo video to see how it might work. Flight of fancy? Possibly but the company claims to be operational in five US cities." I wish my car had a drone for instant scouting of traffic-jam alternates.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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