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Obama's Immigration Order To Give Tech Industry Some, Leave 'Em Wanting More

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theodp writes: "The high-tech industry," reports the Washington Post's Nancy Scola, "will have at least two things to be happy about in President Obama's speech outlining executive actions he'll take on immigration. The president plans to grant the tech industry some, but not nearly all, of what it has been after in the immigration debate. The first is aimed at increasing the opportunity for foreign students and recent graduates from U.S. schools to work in high-tech jobs in the United States. And the second is aimed at making it easier for foreign-born entrepreneurs to set up shop in the United States. According to the White House, Obama will direct the Department of Homeland Security to help students in the so-called STEM fields — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — by proposing, per a White House fact sheet released Thursday night, to "expand and extend" the controversial Optional Practical Training program that now allows foreign-born STEM students and recent graduates remain in the United States for up to 29 months. The exact details of that expansion will be worked out by the Department of Homeland Security as it goes through a rulemaking process."

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Alienware Alpha (Dell’s littlest gaming PC) now shipping

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Dell introduced a small form-factor gaming desktop PC called the Alienware Alpha this summer, and now it’s shipping. Originally designed to be a Steam Machine running Valve’s Linux-based Steam operating system, the Alienware Alpha is currently shipping with Windows. You can thank Valve’s decision to delay launch of Steam OS until 2015 for that. Prices for […]

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'Totally innocent' unarmed 28yo 'accidentally' shot dead by NYPD police

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Akai Gurley, 28, and his girlfriend Melissa Butler were entering a staircase on the seventh floor in Pink House project in Brooklyn late Thursday evening when two policemen came down from the eighth floor. Peter Liang and his partner, Shaun Landau were doing a top-to-bottom patrol. Liang, a rookie on probationary assignment, fired a shot in Gurley’s chest without a warning, Butler said.

“They didn’t present themselves or nothing and shot him,” Butler told DNAinfo New York. “As soon as he came in, the police opened the [door to the] eighth-floor staircase. They didn’t identify themselves at all. They just shot.”

Gurley and Butler tried to go down the stairs but reached only the fifth floor where Gurley lost consciousness. There a neighbor called an ambulance. Butler says the policemen did not come to help nor called the ambulance. Gurley, who has a 2-year-old son, was pronounced dead on arrival to hospital.

An NYPD spokesperson said the police department's internal affairs bureau is investigating the shooting. Liang has been placed on modified assignment and was relieved of both his badge and gun.

The police are collecting information from witnesses and radio reports without talking to Liang as according to the policy, he will be interrogated in the District Attorney’s office first and then by internal affairs officers.

"What happened last night was a very unfortunate tragedy,'' police commissioner Bill Bratton said in a statement. "The deceased is totally innocent. He just happened to be in the hallway. He was not engaged in any criminal activity.''

Bratton said it probably was an accidental discharge of weapon.

“So here’s an unarmed, black 28 year old in the stairwell,” former City Councilmember Charles Barron said as quoted by CBS New York. “Two officers, one Asian, one white, fully armed. He’s unarmed, they meet on the stairwell and he winds up dead with a bullet in his chest. I want to hear the justification for this one. Don’t tell me the hallway was dimly lit. That’s no reason to kill a black man on a stairwell.”

The incident happened while a grand jury decision concerning Michael Brown’s death is awaited. Unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed in Ferguson by police officer Darren Wilson in August. The shooting caused riots in the area and tensions between police and the African-American community.

Watchdog lists '10 worst' toys NOT to give kids this holiday season

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Organizers have been putting together the list for more than 40 years. This year’s "10 Worst Toys" list has been compiled with the holiday season in mind to raise awareness for parents.

“It's not so much about the specific toys. It's about the hazards,” James Swartz, the group's director, said at a news conference at the Franciscan Hospital for Children.

WATCH says many toys still have small, detachable parts that infants can choke on or strings that can strangle as well as misleading or confusing warning labels and instructions.

“We shouldn't be finding these things for manufacturers. They should be designing them appropriately in the first place,” Swartz said.

This year’s list opens with The Air Storm Firetek Bow, because it allegedly poses the potential for eye injuries

“WATCH OUT! This “light-up power” bow and arrow set is sold with three “screaming whistle” arrows which are marketed as being able to fly “up to 145 ft!”” the description states.

It is followed by the Radio Flyer Ziggle (a child’s vehicle) which could cause forehead injuries – among others.

“Its low profile makes the toy potentially hazardous for outdoor use. Furthermore, despite a warning to “always wear” a helmet and other safety gear, the young rider pictured on the box is wearing no protection.”

The “Catapencil” – a pencil catapult – also should not fall in children’s hands.

“Sharpened pencils should not be marketed as playthings, much less a miniature slingshot-style launcher,” WATCH said.

An alphabet zoo pull toy has also drawn heavy criticism and has been listed the fourth out of 10 worst toys because small kids could strangle themselves.

“Despite the industry’s standard requiring strings on playpen and crib toys to be less than 12 inches in length, manufacturers are still permitted to market “pull toys” such as the “Alphabet Zoo Rock & Stack” with a cord measuring approximately 20 inches,” WATCH said.

“The manufacturer recognizes the potential for strangulation in a warning on the bottom of the package, but nowhere on the toy itself,” it said.

Fifth is a SWAT electric machine gun.

“In today’s world, there is no excuse for outfitting children with realistic toy weapons… Detailed replicas have resulted in a number of deaths through the years,” WATCH said.

Small wooden instruments are also marketed at small children – something the list takes issue with.

“The manufacturer provides no warnings regarding the slender, rigid approximately 4½” long drumstick, which has the potential to be mouthed and occlude a child’s airway.”

Seventh is a “bottle rocket party” – a kit with which children can create rockets.

“8-year-old children, or 'rocketeers,' are advised by the manufacturer of this 'party kit' that 'shooting off bottle rockets is a major event,'” WATCH warns.

Dr. Penny Norman, who developed the kit defended it to AP, saying that they have been on the market since 2005 and how their usage is a “time-honored” event for children.

“But it isn't about children being set loose to play with them on their own. It's absolutely about adults running a bottle rocket party event safely,” she said.

A doll has also made the list on account of small detachable parts. “Many of these toys, however, are sold with a decorative bow made of ribbon which can detach from the head of the baby doll, posing the potential for choking if ingested,” WATCH said.

Ninth is an Orc battle hammer, which is criticized for a lack of adequate cautions. “3-year-old children are encouraged to play the part of a 'Savage Orc,'” WATCH said.

Last on the list is a colorful hedgehog with soft fur spines. “The toy has long, fiber-like hair that is not adequately rooted and is easily removable, presenting the potential for ingestion or aspiration injuries,” WATCH said.

Serve websites with Nginx

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Nginx (pronounced Engine X) is a web server developed in Russia by Igor Sysoev back in 2002. In this article you will learn how to install and run Nginx on a Linux machine, how to configure it and how to install and use Joomla with Nginx.

How to install XBMC/Kodi on an Amazon Fire TV Stick

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The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a $39, pocket-sized device that you can plug into the HDMI port of your TV to stream music, movies, TV shows, and other media from the internet. It supports a handful of popular media streaming services including Netflix, YouTube, and of course Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Music, and […]

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CERN Releases LHC Data

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An anonymous reader writes: Ever wished you had access to CERN's LHC data to help with your backyard high-energy physics research? Today you're in luck. CERN has launched its Open Data Portal, which makes experimental data produced by the Large Hadron Collider open to the public. "The first high-level and analyzable collision data openly released come from the CMS experiment and were originally collected in 2010 during the first LHC run. This data set is now publicly available on the CERN Open Data Portal. Open source software to read and analyze the data is also available, together with the corresponding documentation. The CMS collaboration is committed to releasing its data three years after collection, after they have been thoroughly studied by the collaboration." You can read more about CERN's commitment to "Open Science" here.

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