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dollarvigilante.com /  / FEBRUARY 7, 2016

Dear Friend of TDV:

You read that right. Come celebrate the end of the world in Acapulco, Mexico and then learn what to do about it on February 18, 2016.

Introducing the Dollar Vigilante Internationalization & Investment Summit (IIS) a one-day event you cannot miss if you value your family\'s wealth and security.

The dollar is dying, the global economy is collapsing and we\'re headed toward World War III. CitiCorp just declared the world\'s economy is in a “death spiral.”

But we are in the mood to celebrate because we\'ve been anticipating the “bad times” ever since our founding in 2009. We know just what to do – and IIS will give YOU the information to thrive when everyone else is just trying to survive.

The Internationalization & Investment Summit (IIS) is an intensive one day, information packed event with advice and analysis from world renowned experts in economics, finance, fund management, offshore banking & incorporation, residencies, citizenships, the Perpetual Tourist/Prior Taxpayer (PT) Theory, bitcoin, precious metals and gold & silver stock investing.


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Video Gamers From the '90s Have Turned Out Mostly OK

Slashdot -

A study reported on by Ars Technica indicates that video games, much ballyhooed (alleged) source of mental, physical and psycho-social ills for the kids who spent a lot of time playing them, don't seem to have had quite as big a negative effect on those kids as the moral panic of the past few decades would have you believe. Instead, There didn't seem to be an association between the number of games the children reported owning and an increase in risk for conduct disorder. When examining depression among shoot-em-up players, there was evidence for increased risk before the researchers controlled for all the confounding factors, but not afterwards. Of course, there's a lot of data to go around in the several studies referred to here, and the upshot seems to both less exciting and less simple than "Video games are good, not bad!"

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