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In 1995 Wal-Mart pulled a "Someday A Woman Will Be President" t-shirt because it was offensive

Boing Boing -

Nick Kapur spotted this gem in an old newspaper: "A Wal-Mart store pulled a popular T-shirt proclaiming “Someday a woman will be president” off its shelves, saying it was offensive to some shoppers."

“It was determined the T-shirt was offensive to some people and so the decision was made to pull it from the sales floor,” Jane Bockholt said. She refused to reveal the nature of the customer’s complaint.

Ann Moliver Ruben, the 70-year-old psychologist who designed the shirt and sold them to the store, said the retailer’s response means “that promoting females as leaders is still a very threatening concept in this country.

A buyer at the company reportedly said that the shirt "goes against Wal-Mart's family values," but it didn't respond to press inquiries other than to confirm a customer complaint about the shirt and their removal from the store in which they were being sold. At the time, the United Kingdom, Israel and Pakistan were among countries to have elected women leaders.

After the story hit the papers, though, the company admitted its mistake.

"We made a mistake," Jay Allen, a Wal-Mart spokesman, told the Associated Press. "In this case, we overreacted."

The shirt appears to pop up on Ebay and Etsy often.

Correction: 1995, not 1985.

Another Linux Terminal App Guake

LXer -

Linux users have a lot of terminal emulators to choose. Recently I mentioned one terminal app i.e. Terminator. Here is another one of the most interesting Quake-style drop-down terminal named Guake. It is a terminal app for GNOME which can be used quickly using shortcut keys. ?

Florida Regulators OK Plan To Increase Toxins In Water

Slashdot -

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Washington Times: Despite the objection of environmental groups, state environmental regulators voted Tuesday to approve new standards that will increase the amount of cancer-causing toxins allowed in Florida's rivers and streams under a plan the state says will protect more Floridians than current standards. The Environmental Regulation Commission voted 3-2 to approve a proposal that would increase the number of regulated chemicals from 54 to 92 allowed in rivers, streams and other sources of drinking water, news media outlets reported. The Miami Herald reports that under the proposal, acceptable levels of toxins will be increased for more than two dozen known carcinogens and decreased for 13 currently regulated chemicals. State officials back the plan because it places new rules on 39 other chemicals that are not currently regulated. The standards still must be reviewed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, but the Scott administration came under withering criticism for pushing the proposal at this time. That's because there are two vacancies on the commission, including one for a commissioner who is supposed to represent the environmental community.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Xiaomi’s $225 Redmi Pro is a budget phone with premium specs

Liliputing -

Xiaomi splits its smartphones into two families: the Mi line of phones tend to have flagship-level specs, while Redmi phones are typically budget models with a few premium touches.

But the company’s latest phone blurs the lines a bit: the Xiaomi Redmi Pro features a 5.5 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixel OLED display, a fingerprint scanner, dual rear cameras, a USB Type-C prot, and a 4,050 mAh battery.

The Redmi Pro i launching in China for 1,499 yuan ($225) and up.

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Join us for a day of making!

Raspberry Pi -

Hello all! Raspberry Pi would like to ask you out for the day. We have a day of making, hacking, bikes, bird boxes, picnicking, and filming lined up. All we need now is some good company! I’ll let Owen explain all…


No Description

This day of tinkering shenanigans is in preparation for our brand new programme for young people, which will be launching soon. If you’d like to apply, you need to be aged between 12 and 18, living in the UK, and free on Tuesday 23rd August 2016. You also need to be comfortable in front of a camera. We’ll be catching all the action throughout the whole day and making videos to share with the world, so we need smiley faces! If you love tinkering and getting creative, then this is for you. You don’t need any experience with computers or electronics; this is for anybody who enjoys making things.

We’ll cover your travel costs, and if you are coming a really long way we can provide accommodation for you and a parent or guardian. Accompanying adults will get the day to themselves to do whatever they please around Cambridge: it’s a beautiful place with lots to see.

Makers make!

In order to bag an invitation, you’ll need to send our judges a mini video about yourself. This video is your chance to shine, so get creative! (Don’t worry about special equipment – we’re expecting most of you to shoot on your phones.)

The video should be no longer than 30-60 seconds. It should introduce you and give us a little run down of what you like making and doing. That can be making cake, videos, clothes, robots, or even just making a mess. Please include anything else you think will entertain us. If you are entering in a group with friends, then feel free to get together for your filming session, but remember that each person must submit an individual video of themselves. Group videos will not be accepted: you all need to have your own 60 seconds in the spotlight.

Applications must be received by midnight on Sunday 7th August.

Submit your video and details to us via the Digital Making Day form.

If you have any questions email digitalmakingday@raspberrypi.org.

Don’t forget to spread the word to anyone else who may want to take part!

The gif that never grows old!

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The largest community FOSS conference you never heard of: OpenWest

LXer -

Tucked into a corner of the Salt Lake Valley among the Rocky Mountains hides the largest community-organized free/open source technology conference you've never heard of. Weighing in at an impressive 1500 attendees, OpenWest is perhaps the third largest conference of its type in the United States, coming in behind SCaLE and LinuxFest Northwest.read more

Xiaomi launches Mi Notebook Air laptop family for $525 and up

Liliputing -

Chinese device maker Xiaomi is launching its first laptop computers. The Mi Notebook Air is a Windows 10 laptop with a 1080p display and an Intel Skylake processor that comes in two sizes: there’s a 12.5 inch model that’s priced at 3,499 yuan ($525) and a 13.3 inch version with more powerful specs that sells for 4,999 yuan ($750).

Like a lot of Xiaomi products, the Mi Notebook Air borrows a bit from Apple’s playbook.

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Democracy Now! 2016-07-27 Wednesday

Democracy Now! Videos -

Democracy Now! 2016-07-27 Wednesday
  • Headlines for July 27, 2016
  • "Biggest Crack in Glass Ceiling Yet": Clinton Becomes First Female Major-Party Presidential Nominee
  • Hundreds of Sanders Delegates Walk Off Convention Floor in Protest of "Rigged" Election
  • "It's a Bittersweet Time": Some Sanders Backers Stay Inside DNC, Now Plan to Support Hillary Clinton
  • Danny Glover & Rep. Luis Gutiérrez on Sanders, Clinton and the Long Arc of U.S. Movements
  • Watch the Full DNC Speeches of the Mothers of Sandra Bland, Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin
  • Danny Glover & Bernie Delegate Larry Hamm: The Sanders Movement Must Stay Mobilized to Push Change
  • Mumia Abu-Jamal Calls from Prison to Comment on DNC, Black Lives Matter and Mass Incarceration

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North Korea recommends Americans elect "wise politician" Donald Trump

Boing Boing -

North Korea is on Team Trump, reports Reuters, describing the millionaire mogul as a "wise" choice and his rival as "thick-headed Hillary."

Run by a brutal and notoriously reclusive authoritarian clique, North Korea is under U.N. sanctions and regularly threatens the U.S. and the south with nuclear annihilation. Trump has indicated he will take a softer line with the regime.

"It turns out that Trump is not the rough-talking, screwy, ignorant candidate they say he is, but is actually a wise politician and a prescient presidential candidate," said the [DPRK Today] column, written by a China-based Korean scholar identified as Han Yong Muk.

DPRK Today is among a handful of news sites run by the isolated North, although its content is not always handled by the main state-run media.

It said promising to resolve issues on the Korean peninsula through "negotiations and not war" was the best option for America, which it said is "living every minute and second on pins and needles in fear of a nuclear strike" by North Korea.


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