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Pointless features add to browser bloat and insecurity

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83 per cent of browser features are used by under one per cent of top websites. It might be time for the warlocks of the Web and brewers of JavaScript to revisit their ever-burgeoning developer wish-lists and sweep away the rubbish.

How to use the BIP-32 keys

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I am trying to built an application that uses the BIP-32. But I am not sure on how to use it. I have a passphrase with which I generate the Derived Private Key and Derived Public Key. If I share my Derived Public Key with a second wallet will the wallet be able to generate others Derived (...)

How do developers fix bugs when compiling takes so long?

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It takes so long to compile Bitcoin Core on my machine... I can't imagine trying to fix bugs like a missed semicolon and having to wait an hour for the compiler to finish before testing. Is this really what devs have to deal with? Or is there a way to just compile smaller units of the code (...)

Why a Buffer developer open sourced his code

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?If you look for the official definition of open source, you'll likely stumble upon this outline from the board members of the Open Source Initiative. If you skim through it, you're sure to find some idea or concept that you feel very aligned with. At its heart, openness (and open source) is about free distribution—putting your work out there for others to use.

HPE To Spin Out Its Huge Services Business, Merge It With CSC

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itwbennett writes from a report via CIO: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise announced Tuesday that it will spin off its enterprise services business and merge it with IT services company Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC) to create a company with $26 billion in annual revenue. The services business "accounts for roughly 100,000 employees, or two-thirds of the Silicon Valley giant's workforce," according to the Wall Street Journal. In a statement, HPE CEO Meg Whitman said customers would benefit from a "stronger, more versatile services business, better able to innovate and adapt to an ever-changing technology landscape." Layoffs were not a topic of discussion in Tuesday's announcement, but HPE did say last year they would cut 33,000 jobs by 2018, in addition to the 55,000 job cuts it had already announced. The company also split into two last year, betting that the smaller parts will be nimbler and more able to reverse four years of declining sales.

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