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Tax-funded NZ company sold mass surveillance tech to torturers and GCHQ

Boing Boing -

A whistleblower has provided The Intercept with leaked documents about Endace, an obscure New Zealand company based in Auckland, revealing that the company -- which received millions in government funding -- developed the mass surveillance equipment used by the UK spy agency to engage in illegal mass surveillance on fiber-optic lines that traverse the UK, and that Endace's customer list also includes a who's-who of telcoms companies, spy agencies, and the Moroccan secret police, who make a practice of spying on people, then kidnapping and torturing them. (more…)

'They are children too'

BBC World News -

A 13-year-old boy has been given a four year sentence for the rape of a nine-year-old boy. How does the system deal with such young sexual offenders and their victims?


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