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Can New Chicago Taxes On Netflix, Apple, Spotify Withstand Legal Challenges?

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Mr D from 63 writes: Today, a new "cloud tax" takes effect in the city of Chicago, targeting online databases and streaming entertainment services. Residents who stream movies and music from companies like Netflix and Spotify will now need to pay an additional 9% tax. This also applies to Chicago businesses that pay to use databases online. Chicago expects to collect $12 million a year as a result of the new tax ruling. From the 24/7 Wall St. story: "Also worth noting is that the city’s tax ruling in both cases avoids the issue of whether there is a close-enough connection (nexus, in legalese) to require providers like Netflix or others to collect either tax. International law firm ReedSmith weighs in on this point as well: '[O]nce the Department begins to audit and assess customers located within the city, many of those customers are likely to demand that providers collect the tax going forward. As a result, many providers will likely feel the need to register to collect the taxes, despite lacking nexus, and despite having strong arguments against the Department’s expansive interpretation of its taxing ordinances.'"

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Linux Mint 17.2 Improves Desktop Experience

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Linux Mint 17.2, code-named "Rafaela," was officially released on June 30 by Linux Mint founder Clement Lefebvre, providing users with an incremental update over the Linux Mint 17.1 release that debuted on Nov. 29, 2014. Linux Mint's focus is always on the desktop, and the 17.2 update aims to further improve the desktop user experience with additional polish and fine-tuning on both the Cinnamon and MATE desktops.

Barrack Obama Tells Another Whopper—–He Did Not Create 12.8 Million Jobs

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America is better off when President Obama is out on the stump bloviating and boasting rather than in Washington actively doing harm. But the whoppers he just told the students at the University of Wisconsin are beyond the pale. Said our spinmeister-in-chief: And the unemployment rate is now down to 5.3 percent. (Applause.) Keep in mind, when I came into office it was hovering around 10 percent. All told, we\'ve now seen 64 straight months of private sector job growth, which is a new record — (applause) — new record — 12.8 million new jobs all told. That\'s a pack of context-free factoids. There is still such a thing as the business cycle, and only economically illiterate hacks—-like those who work on the White House speech writing staff—-would measure anything from an all-time momentary bottom that happened to occur during Obama\'s second year in office. What counts is not that we\'ve had a bounce after a terrible bust, but where we are now on a trend basis. The answer is absolutely nowhere! We are now 29 quarters from the pre-crisis peak and total non-farm labor hours utilized by the US economy are no higher than they were in Q4 2007. In other words, if you use a common unit of measure—–labor hours rather than job slots which treat coal-miners and part-time pizza delivery boys alike—–there have been no new units of employment at all. Our teleprompter reading President is actually tooting his own horn about recycled hours and “born again” jobs and doesn\'t even know it. And, no, he can\'t take credit for digging us out of the hole created by the Great Recession, either. The long, slow climb back to square one shown in the chart above was due to the natural resilience of our capitalist economy—notwithstanding the tax, regulatory and massive debt hurdles that Washington policies have thrown at it. The truth of the matter is that America\'sOriginally appeared at: http://davidstockmanscontracorner.com/barrack-obama-tells-another-whopper-he-did-not-create-12-8-million-jobs/Barrack Obama Tells Another Whopper—–He Did Not Create 12.8 Million Jobs is a story from: BitcoinWarrior.net

Barrack Obama Tells Another Whopper—–He Did Not Create 12.8 Million Jobs is a story from: BitcoinWarrior.net

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ON PATRIOTISMA few words about patriotism – something we…

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ON PATRIOTISM A few words about patriotism – something we talk a lot about, especially around July 4th, but seldom stop to examine its real meaning. True patriotism isn\'t simply about waving the American flag. And it\'s not mostly about securing our borders from outsiders. It\'s about coming together for the common good. Real patriotism is not cheap. It requires taking on a fair share of the burdens of keeping America going – being willing to pay taxes in full rather than seeking tax loopholes and squirreling away money abroad. Patriotism is about preserving and protecting our democracy, not inundating it with big money and buying off politicians. True patriots don\'t hate the government of the United States. They\'re proud of it. They may not like everything it does, and they justifiably worry when special interests gain too much power over it. But true patriots work to improve our government, not destroy it. Finally, patriots don\'t pander to divisiveness. They don\'t fuel racist or religious or ethnic divisions. They aren\'t homophobic or sexist. To the contrary, true patriots seek to confirm and strengthen the “we” in “we the people of the United States.” Have a happy and safe Fourth of July. Originally appeared at: http://robertreich.org/post/123057453760ON PATRIOTISMA few words about patriotism – something we… is a story from: BitcoinWarrior.net

ON PATRIOTISMA few words about patriotism – something we… is a story from: BitcoinWarrior.net

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Bitcoin Down for a Second Day

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Want to Trade Bitcoin? ForexNews RecommmendsClick Here To Learn More. Bitcoin is trading down for a second day. After yesterday\'s 5 percent loss, today BTC/USD fell by $3 dollars or 1.1 percent. It was a relatively quiet day, at least when compared to the early part of this week. We opened at $257.50, rallied slightly to $259.94, before falling to a low of $253.50. Prices are currently quoted at $254.45, not far from the lows. On OKCoin one bitcoin is selling for $254.20 and prices are not far off on BitStamp at $254.62 dollars per coin. You can find a snapshot of live prices for the major bitcoin exchanges on this page. Most of the futures on OKCoin continue to price in a decent premium. The one exception is the July 3rd contract that expires in about 7 hours. This contract is currently trading below the spot price at $253.98. The two other contracts are still pricing in a premium, with the far out September 25th contract trading at $260.75. While this is still $6 dollars over spot, its down from $8 dollars yesterday and $10 dollars the day before. Clearly the downward movement during the past 2 days is having a large effect on futures prices as well. The September 25th contract is now down almost $22 dollars from a high of $282.19. You can find a live chart of this futures contract HERE. During the same time prices on the main OKCoin exchange fell by slightly less then $14 dollars, from a high of $268.36. As we keep cautioning our readers, the far out futures contracts will be hit the hardest when prices reverse, simply because these contractsOriginally appeared at: http://www.forexnews.com/blog/2015/07/03/bitcoin-down-for-a-second-day/Bitcoin Down for a Second Day is a story from: BitcoinWarrior.net

Bitcoin Down for a Second Day is a story from: BitcoinWarrior.net

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Former DEA agent pleads guilty to stealing bitcoins while leading probe of

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A ex- US Drug Enforcement Administration agent who investigated the Silk Road black market website pleaded guilty in federal court in San Francisco Wednesday to three corruption charges. Carl Force, 46, faces up to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges of extortion, money-laundering and obstruction of justice. On another occasion, the complaint said, Force created a separate online alias and asked Ulbricht for $US100,000 in exchange for inside information on the DEA investigation. Force worked as a special agent with the DEA for almost 15 years. He will be sentenced by Seeborg on October 19. Force, also without authorities\' knowledge, used another online moniker, “French Maid”, and offered Ulbricht information on the investigation for about $98,000 in bitcoins in September 2013, prosecutors said. Force admitted that, at the time, the value of the bitcoin he received from Ulbricht was in excess of approximately $100,000. Among them, Force said he agreed to a contract with Twenty-First Century Fox Inc previous year to help make a movie about the Silk Road investigation, without the permission of his supervisors. The Department of Justice revealed that the agent in question is 46-year-old Carl Force from Baltimore, who was undercover during the Silk Road operations. Force admits that he had multiple accounts and identities on the Silk Road, only one of which was authorized by the authorities. “Seduced by the perceived anonymity of virtual currency and the dark web, Force used invented online personas and encrypted messaging to fraudulently obtain Bitcoin worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from the government and investigative targets alike“, Caldwell said. He also got a job as “compliance officer” for a bitcoin exchange while still working for the DEA and stole almost $300,000 from other people in that capacity. The other agent, former US Secret Service investigator Shaun Bridges, 32, of Laurel, Md., reachedOriginally appeared at: http://sentinelrepublic.com/former-dea-agent-pleads-guilty-to-stealing-bitcoins-while-leading-probe-of/16763/Former DEA agent pleads guilty to stealing bitcoins while leading probe of is a story from: BitcoinWarrior.net

Former DEA agent pleads guilty to stealing bitcoins while leading probe of is a story from: BitcoinWarrior.net

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Plex hacker demands Bitcoin ransom for return of data

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Streaming service Plex has reset some users\' passwords after a hacker breached a server hosting its forum and blog. Video streaming service Plex has reset user passwords after it was breached by a hacker who threatened to release stolen data unless he\'s paid a ransom. The company found out on Wednesday that a server hosting its forum and blog had been compromised, Chris Curtis, a Plex support engineer, said in a blog post. Information including IP addresses, email addresses, private forum messages and encrypted passwords were exposed. Someone going by the nickname “Savata” claimed responsibility for the breach and threatened to release the data on torrent networks if a ransom wasn\'t paid in bitcoins. Savata asked for 9.5 bitcoins (US$2,400) but wrote that the ransom would increase to 14.5 bitcoins if it wasn\'t paid by Friday, according to a copy of the message posted on Reddit. “I don\'t care who the BTC comes from as long as the payment is made: no data will be released,” Savata wrote. Companies often ignore such extortion attempts because it creates an incentive for other cybercriminals to try the same ploy. Curtis said the passwords were salted, a security measure that makes it harder for hackers to convert them back into plain text. Payment card data was not exposed, he wrote, and Plex had “no reason to believe that any other parts of our system were compromised.” He reminded users they should choose strong, unique passwords for each online service they use. Hackers often try to see if a leaked password will unlock other Web services, since people have a tendency to reuse the same ones.

Plex hacker demands Bitcoin ransom for return of data is a story from: BitcoinWarrior.net

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