June 2011

Debian Squeeze, Squid, Kerberos/LDAP Authentication, Active Directory Integration And Cyfin Reporter

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This document covers setup of a Squid Proxy which will seamlessly integrate with Active Directory for authentication using Kerberos with LDAP as a backup for users not authenticated via Kerberos. Authorisation is managed by Groups in Active Directory. This is especially useful for Windows 7 clients which no longer support NTLMv2 without changing the local computer policy. It is capable of using white lists and black lists for site access and restrictions.

Noob deleted the launcher bar bar at the top of the screen....

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In error I deleted the launcher bar at the top of the screen.
I can see where you'd left click, and select "Create Launcher".
Problem is I don't know what to put in the fields....
Name, Command,
I'm fairly clueless, so a walk through of the process would be appreciated!
Thanx in advance!

How can this be? Debian Squueze makes it impossible to log in to Windows during installation!

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I read a lot of good things about Debian, especially the idea that the folks behind Debian prefer to be safe than sure, in other words, do more testing before they release a new version, and do not care so much about using the latest software, sounded very good to me.

can not connect to the internet with pppoeconf

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Hello, I could not connect with pppoeconf to the internet after the installation of Debian Squeeze, I downloaded the complete dvd and installed with dualboot. The weird thing is that before I managed to connect with the internet, with the same pc etc, with ubuntu 9.04, which by the way looked exactly the same as queeze....

I had to install pppoeconf, and I got an error message, that something was missing, but pppoeconf seemed to function normally after that. have an adsl connection, connected with ethernet cable to modem.
Here for the experts the outcome of the ifconf command.

root@miguel:/home/miguel# ifconfig
eth0 Link encap:Ethernet Endereço de HW 00:25:11:b8:04:7c
endereço inet6: fe80::225:11ff:feb8:47c/64 Escopo:Link

Mounting USB hard disks and pen drives on Debian Squeeze Fluxbox.

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I have recently migrated from Peppermint OS (Ubuntu derivative), and have a Debian Squeeze Fluxbox system installed on an Eee PC 701 (2GB SSD), which I want to connect to an external USB drive (with music files) and a stereo. I need a simple and concise howto for getting the system to load the drive (or a USB pen drive) automatically.

procmail installed but missing components

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I am running Virtual Bugzilla Server 3.4 with Debian Lenny and am encountering some issues in configuring procmail. It says that procmail is installed and up to date, however none of the components (ex: .procmailrc) are there. I'm not sure if there is something within VBS that limits what I am able to do, but I have root access and do not see what would cause this to happen. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated; Thank you!



login: PAM Failure, aborting: Critical error - immediate abort

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I modified file /etc/pam.d/login. Now I get following when I try to login:

Debian GNU/Linux 5.0
login: PAM Failure, aborting: Critical error - immediate abort

Subsequently I removed my changes to /etc/pam.d/login but I still get this error. Is there any way to fetch original /etc/pam.d/login from distribution? Thanks.