October 2011

Ripping An MP3 CD On Linux Mint 11

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This article describes how to rip music off an audio CD in acceptable shape with a moderate bitrate and in MP3 format on Linux Mint 11. There are are numerous ways of ripping a CD on Linux, but not all of them provide the standard comfort one should have, for instance a fairly high bitrate for your music, so that it does not sound like hammering on a trashcan with an iron spoon, or automated fetching of disk and track information from the internet, so you do not have to do it all manually. The way I describe should provide all these things, however it may be that if you are ripping a rather unknown audio disk, there is no data about it on the CD database.

Android Smartphone USB Tethering (Linux Mint 11)

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This article is about how to tether your Android smartphone with Linux Mint 11 and similar operating systems via USB, meaning how to use your smartphone's network to access the Internet on your computer by linking them with a USB cable.


Serving CGI Scripts With Nginx On Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 11.04

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This tutorial shows how you can serve CGI scripts (Perl scripts) with nginx on Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 11.04. While nginx itself does not serve CGI, there are several ways to work around this. I will outline three solutions: the first is to proxy requests for CGI scripts to Thttpd, a small web server that has CGI support, while the second and third solution are very similar - both use a CGI wrapper to serve CGI scripts.


Support for a D-Link WiFi card?

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I'm having many, many problems trying to get a dual-boot system going on an old Dell PC. But one of the biggest is lack of an internet connection.

The computer has a D-Link WDA-1320 WiFi card installed. I think it uses some sort of Atheros chipset.
The card works fine with Windows XP, but when I run the debian "live" DVD, it doesn't work.

Updated Debian 5.0: 5.0.9 released

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The Debian Project http://www.debian.org/
Updated Debian 5.0: 5.0.9 released press@debian.org
October 1st, 2011 http://www.debian.org/News/2011/20111001

Updated Debian 5.0: 5.0.9 released

Monitor Labels

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Hi all,

A quick question: I have two monitors running smoothly on Debian, and I want to remove the monitor label that appears on the top-left corner of each screen.
The desktop is Gnome 2.3, everything else is as per the Squeeze DVD set with the Desktop & Laptop tasks, and graphics card is an odd ATI version. All works a charm, but I don't need the monitor label obscuring the applications menu or getting in the way of a movie.

Any thoughts?