Adding PPPoE to a net install

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I booted Ubuntu Natty run

# cd /media/debian/root
# wget

then booted Debian stable, tried to install the packages, got the
expected information about dependency issues, booted Ubuntu Natty again
and now I run

# cd /media/debian/root
# wget

and will reboot debian stable.

Will this become a never ending story aka running gag? Any ideas what
packages I might have to add?


A new issue installing Debian stable - Was: Adding PPPoE to a ne

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On Mon, 2011-05-30 at 13:10 +0200, I wrote:

Next reboot to download

After installing those 5 packages I was able to set PPPoE by pppoeconf,
but when I run

apt-get update

I was asked to insert a CD.

Perhaps there are no entries for repositories? I'll take a look.

Isn't there a way just to use another media to install Debian stable,
but downloading 8 DVDs or more than 50 CDs? Is it enough to download the
first CD or DVD?

Netinst is a PITA.