all hell broke loose after update

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I download the net-install then installed. It installed only a text environment, I could login but there was no desktop or graphical interface. I realized "net install" that meant I had to be connected to the internet, so I connected and re-installed. It took 2 hours and finally booted into a gnome desktop, but it's old gnome 2 even though I download the recent image today, I thought it would be gnome3..

It couldn't see my Broadcom wi-fi so I added the repositories for Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, then it found the drivers for my Wi-Fi and I installed them.

Then it said there were updates and I said okay, update... when I reboot, the desktop icons were jumping up and down in chaos and there was no gnome panel, I couldn't get anything to work.

I dropped to a terminal shell and purged the gnome desktop, then re-installed it.. but it kept saying it failed and I realized it was using packages from Ubuntu when it should be using them from Debian. So I removed Ubuntu from the /etc/apt/sources.list and did it again (purged gnome, and re-installed) but there were like thousands of errors flying up the screen. It was a software nightmare!!

Finally I re-installed the gnome desktop again but this time it downloaded from the Debian sources, still, when I logged in, the desktop icons were bouncing up and down in chaos, there was no gnome panel and the hard drive was thinking really hard.

I don't understand what's going on, Ubuntu has never done this to me and Debian is the parent of Ubuntu, shouldn't they get along fine and behave relatively the same?

I'm going to try to install Debian again while I wait for ideas as to what might have gone wrong.
this will probably take another 2 hours.

Re: all hell broke loose after update

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I had a similar situation when I upgraded to 6.0.3: the mouse didn't work hardly, app icons were worthless and in general 6.0.3 didn't work. So I went back to 6.0.2 which works fine.

Thats with no internet, just cds.