Cant boot into fresh installation of Debian

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Hi there. I am a newbie to UNIX-like systems, and my next question will be quite foolish I guess. But still, don't know where to dig, so... Please, shed some light on it for me guys.

I have a laptop Dell XPS 1330 and I am trying to install a Debian stable on it via Netinstall. There is a WinXP installation which I don't need, so I am installing it over WinXP and putting GRUB into MBR. The installation process goes well as far as can see, but after rebooting I just can't boot into new OS. My laptop says something like "There was an error loading OS" even without showing me GRUB or anything else. After the last try, it stopped to print even this message, and all what I am getting is a blinking cursor.

Any ideas?

P.S. Knoppix installation from Live-USB went flawlessly, and GRUB showed me Knoppix and Windows.

Re: Cant boot into fresh installation of Debian

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You had stated that you aren't going to be using the Windows XP installation, right? When you did the installation of Debian do you recall where you installed the GRUB boot loader to?

A separate /boot partition

Or the /root partition?

You should be able to boot up the CD and get the system into single user mode.

Basically you will need to edit the GRUB config file to set accordingly.

Re: Cant boot into fresh installation of Debian

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# Taken from

Configuring grub v2
The configuration file is /boot/grub/grub.cfg, but you shouldn't edit it directly. This file is generated by grub v2's update-grub(8), based on:

The script snippets in /etc/grub.d/
The configuration file /etc/default/grub
To configure grub "v2", you should edit /etc/default/grub, then run update-grub. Advanced configuration are achieved by modifying the snippets in /etc/grub.d/.

This is what you will need to edit once you get into single user mode.