Debian 7.0 'wheezy' will include Linux 3.2.

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[Ed. Note: An important message posted by Ben Hutchings into the debian-devel-announce mailing list.]

Debian 7.0 'wheezy' will include Linux 3.2. This is currently in unstable and will soon enter testing.

The kernel team is open to backporting some features from later kernel versions, particularly to support newer hardware.


The only featureset provided will be 'rt' (realtime), currently built for amd64 only. If there is interest in realtime support for other architectures, we may be able to add that. However, we do need to consider the total time taken to build binary packages for each architecture.

If there are particular container features that should be enabled or backported to provide a useful replacement for OpenVZ or VServer, please let us know. We cannot promise that these will all be enabled but we need to know what is missing.


If you maintain a package for which the current stable version is not compatible with Linux 3.2, excluding kernel module packages, please consider making a stable update that fixes this.

If you maintain a kernel module package, please ensure that this is compatible with Linux 3.2 in time for the freeze. Any modules that are not compatible will not be included in the release. I recently tested building all the module packages I could find against Linux 3.1 and have filed bugs against those that failed to build; however I have not tested against Linux 3.2 and would prefer that the respective maintainers did so.

We intend to switch to 2-component upstream version numbers in the kernel version string, e.g. 3.3-1-amd64. This change has been deferred until after wheezy to avoid incompatibility with packages in squeeze that assume 3-component version numbers. If your package uses uname(1) or uname(2) please ensure that it is prepared for this *in wheezy* so that we can make the change immediately after.

Upstream support

Debian, Ubuntu and others will work upstream on a 3.2.y longterm series of bug fixes.