drivers and configuration needed for connecting to net through bsnl 3g using irvine hspda modem

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This is my first post here so please bear with me.

my system configuration is
amd atholon II x 4 3ghz
have installed amd64 squeeze on my machine with dual boot windows 7
have suse 11 and knnopix also installed on my system

i have purchased BSNL 3G connection with the sole purpose of connecting to internet and my intentions where to only use it on linux beacuse of all the threats on internet you get face on windows systems. i also intended to install and configure my linux systems addon packages etc. but the modem i purchased said to be running on linux ubuntu 8.00. it runs perfectly well on win 7. but it isn't working on deb.

either i am not being able to configure it or it is not working on linux. i tried to locate drivers for the modem on google but to no help.

is there a way i can connect to net through the modem.