e17, is the error with me, or the developers?

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Gentlemen, I (3 days ago) decided that I wanted to install a serious distribution of GNU/Linux, Debian.
I was a follower of windoze, then Linux Mint, and am now trying to make an operating system based on debian and running the e17 desktop. I have successfully run the easy_e17.sh script as found on omnicron.net, but after adding environment variables (after looking up how to do so) of PATH, PYTHONPATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH encountered the error:

E17:begin shutdown procedure!"

Has anybody encountered this before?

I have a thesis to write, and though I know the obvious answer is to install gnome on principle of choice I would like my pc to use enlightenment.

Please feel free to correct this post to the more appropriate forum or correct my use of code if I have made a mistake (I see code made into highlighted dialogues but am only familiar with MATLAB language so have no idea how to display correctly on a webpage).

Re: e17, is the error with me, or the developers?

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Heh, heh - do not use experimental software when writing the thesis Wink

I never tried to install e17, maybe you should try their mailing list:

Btw, doing my thesis as well. My window manager of choice is fluxbox - minimalistic, yet powerful and stays out of the way. Requires a bit of adaptation though and it's not so much eyecandy oriented (but can look darn cool with transparent decorationless terminals like unicode-rxvt).

Re: e17, is the error with me, or the developers?

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it happens to me all the time that something with e17 is wrong.
Be it installed from source/easy_e17.sh or from the enlightenment binary repo.

It is in the Debian unstable repos, though a bit out of date (as far i can tell).
If you run testing or unstable you could use that as a quick workaround

I agree that if you got serious stuff to do you probably don't want to mess around with e17.