Exim4 smarthost multiple senders

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Hi, I am a bit new to Exim4. I have been reading a lot and I can't find a solution to my case.
I use gmail as smarthost thru one of my gmail accounts, so /etc/exim4/passwd.client has the right configuration of my default account.
Mail is sent Ok but, my application must send mail from different senders (alerts@mydomain.com, info@mydomain.com ....) and I do not know how to do it; all it's been done thru my authtenticated gmail account and so always the same sender. has to do with aliases? rewriting headers? .....hooooow pleeeeeaaase
Please help getting nuts at the moment.

Re: Exim4 smarthost multiple senders

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The closest thing I can think of was described in this howto:

You'll probably end up tinkering with configuration to suit your needs.