How can this be? Debian Squueze makes it impossible to log in to Windows during installation!

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I read a lot of good things about Debian, especially the idea that the folks behind Debian prefer to be safe than sure, in other words, do more testing before they release a new version, and do not care so much about using the latest software, sounded very good to me. I have tried other linux distributions, but always there was some problem, or a permanent freez during the installation (for example with ubuntu 11.04 and others based on that) or I could not connect to the internet, or there was no sound, or there was a problem installing flash, and in all these cases effectively the operating system is useless to me. Oh sure I tried the forums, but when that does not solve the problem in a few days or a week, I give up, especially if there other weird things, like starting a program, and nothing happens at all.

Now Debian: installation seemed to go just fine, debian detected windows, but after the installation I could not log in to
Windows!!!! Rather scary!! And because I also could not connect to the internet with pppoeconf ( I still cannot) I had to go to the nearest internetcafe to look for a solution. I found it, in 20 minutes, simply typing os-prober and then update-grub2 (if I remember well) did the trick.

So, ok it ended well, but I also read that this seems to be a very common problem, and the reason for this is that grub2 is rather new and not tested well enough. So what about Debian being so solid and careful etc??? I found the solution fast enough,
but I have some experience with linux distributions, I am not an expert at all, but also not a complete beginner.
I think that for most beginners the only solution would have been to install windows again and simply use the whole harddisk,
and that effectively solves the problem of course, but that is not what we, linux fans, want, right?

What I do not understand, is that why developers spend a lot of time in developing all kind of great features, but do not take care of the basics:

1. easily connect to the internet (why is pppoeconf not part of the connectionsmanager????)
2. have sound working (why is the alsaconf not preinstalled anymore in several distributions??)
3. Have flash working out of the box, or make it very easy to install

If these three things work out of the box, or take very little time to do, at least you have a workable operating system!!

I think that after the installion, or better even in the installation, there should be a graphical interphase who helps you
with all these three things!!!

Is that too much to ask????

I certainly believe that linux has lots of good things to offer, but as long as these three things are not done right,
it is no serious competition for windows or macintosh in my opinion.

Work on the basics first!!!

What do you guys think????


D.M. Smissaert