I cannot access the Internet after installing Debian on my eeePC Netbook

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I installed Debian 6-Squeeze on my Asus eeePC 1005HAB. The installation went well...but I am having issues accessing the Internet, using a browser and surfing the net to be more exact. The thing is that the installer could access mirror sites to install software while going through the installation process, but when the installation finalized, I went ahead and configured the wireless and the wired settings it says that it works but then I open a browser and it worked work. It says 'Unable to load page' Problem occurred while loading the URL http://google.com (i used google.com as an example) 'Cannot resolve hostname' 'Try again'. It could be any other URL and it won't work.

I tried that for both Ethernet and Wireless and it won't work. I did ifconfig eth0 up and it says it works fine but it still won't access the Internet. Could it be the firewall setting? Iptables is install on Debian and I need to change some settings? I come from MS Windows, and I decided to switch to Linux and I am happy I switched!

Thank you so much in advance