Lenny: Error on attempting to fix broken packages

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I have Lenny in a multi-boot system on a HP Pavilion DV-1000 laptop, and yesterday when I logged in,
noticed the red (-) icon on the right of the top panel.

Mouse over it gave the message: "An error occurred, please run Package Manager from the right-click
menu to see what is ............". On doing so, Synaptic came up with "You have 3 broken packages on
your system! Use the "Broken" filter to locate them".

Selecting "Broken dependencies" resulted in the "base-files", base-passwd", and "dpkg" being listed.
All three had "Installed Version" the same as "Latest Version", but marked in red in the check boxes.

Did "Edit"->"Fix Broken Packages" which marked the packages green. Clicking "Apply" gave a summary
list: coreutils, gawk, gcc-4.3-base, libacl1, libattr1, libc6, libgcc1, libselinux1, libstdc++6, and izma
as the packages that needed to be installed.

Clicked "Apply" and got: "E: Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on libc6"

A Google search indicated several people had run into this problem, but I could not find one consistent
solution that seemed to address the problem completely.

Does anyone here have a solution (or a link to one) that will fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Lenny: Error on attempting to fix broken packages

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Thanks for the feedback.

I ran it, and it seemed to return immediately, but the red (-) icon mentioned
above turned black for about two minutes, mouse-over gave: "A package manager
is working", and then went back to red. Checking package manager once again
gave the same exact result as mentioned in my initial post.

It looks like this is something related to package dependencies, but there's no
indication of the real root cause, and there is no reference to it on the Debian