Liberate the Debian Administrator’s Handbook

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Liberate the Debian Administrator’s Handbook

The Debian Administrator’s Handbook has been written by two Debian developers who are keen to share their knowledge. Accessible to all, this book teaches the essentials to anyone who wants to become an effective and independent Debian GNU/Linux administrator.

It covers all the topics that a competent Linux administrator should master, from the installation and the update of the system, up to the creation of packages and the compilation of the kernel, but also monitoring, backup and migration, without forgetting advanced topics like SELinux setup to secure services, automated installations, or virtualization with Xen, KVM or LXC.

Free Sample Chapter: The APT Tools

Do you want to verify that the book is really worth your time? Click here to download a sample chapter covering the APT tools and make up your mind. apt-get/aptitude and other associated tools are crucial to any Debian user and they are at the heart of Debian’s reputation.

Then you might want to have a look at the table of contents to discover all the other topics that are covered in-depth just like the sample chapter above.

Get a Copy And Help Liberate the Book

We would really like to see the book integrated into Debian, and therefore to see it published under a license that complies with the “Debian Free Software Guidelines”. This means that the book would be freely available. But like everybody, we need to live and feed our family, and we believe that we are entitled to have a decent payment for the work that we do.

eBookWith this project, our aim is to prove that it is possible to earn money even with a work that is published under a free license. That’s why we have set up a “liberation fund”. If this fund reaches 25,000 euros, the book will be distributed under a free license ( GPL2+ / CC-BY-SA-3.0 ). You can follow the progress here: