Missing Squeeze Packages

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Here is my problem.

I'm trying to do a custom install of Debian as a replacement for Ubuntu. I'm making a remaster of Debian. The issue here is that I need to get the following installed on Debian, and if possible provide updated package repositories.

Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Official Java Runtime Environment
and probably other packages that I'll list here as I think of them.

If the source code is the only thing available then I want to get it, compile it into debian packages that I can install later.
Or If sources are available and the keys for those repos that would be great too.
Ubuntu packages don't work on Debain Squeeze.

If I need to make my own repo, I don't know how, and I'm scared to. I have an unlimited ftp / http server I can access via filezilla, that has free access to the public. If anyone wants to tell me how I could use a directory there that would be great too.

I made JULinux 8 and people liked it. Now I need to make JULinux 10, but I want to base it on debian. Thanks.

Any help is very much appreciated.