Mouse: strange and mysterious problem

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Hello everyone! Im totally newbie is *nix OS (including debian) but more than pro in Win, so treat me with understanding, please I-m so happy


Mouse still working well during random period of time (it may be less then one minute and more then few hour's from boot up) then instantly stop moving (cursor are freeze) but it still active. Obviously it is not associated with any program, coz it happens even on log-on screen.
One thing make this case unusual - im using Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710 keyboard + mice set. It mean there is only one receiver for both devices. You guessed it, keyboard continues to operate normally after mouse fail! Absolutely normally! Even more, if i connect new wired usb mouse at this time, it will be work well, but not for log... after random period of time it goes freeze too =/ KEYBOARD STILL WORKING

Please help me, because i can't even imagine what i do wrong.

Re: Mouse: strange and mysterious problem

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(LOL) Well, considering the auto-hardware detection in Debian, I'd say you're not doing anything wrong. Smile

But if this problem is in X, have you tried other mouse configurations in /etc/X11/xorg.conf?

There is a section in there, Section "InputDevice", where you can tweak and modify the mouse configuration that X uses. (Again, you shouldn't HAVE to do this, but since it's not working right, it's worth a try. There are also a series of "xserver-xorg-input-*" driver packages, but you probably have the right one of those loaded; I didn't see anything that would stick out for your Logitech.)