Noob deleted the launcher bar bar at the top of the screen....

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In error I deleted the launcher bar at the top of the screen.
I can see where you'd left click, and select "Create Launcher".
Problem is I don't know what to put in the fields....
Name, Command,
I'm fairly clueless, so a walk through of the process would be appreciated!
Thanx in advance!

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What you are trying to create is not a "launcher bar", but a launcher - a visual link to some program. As for the bar I am not of much help since I stopped using Gnome a while ago, maybe if you right click on the bar with the start menu, perhaps there you can find a config option to bring it back.

Re: Noob deleted the launcher bar bar at the top of the ...

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Thanxs for responding.
The problem is there is no start menu/applications/places/system, ice weasel icon, nada.
All that stuff, and the bar it was housed on, is gone. (It's what I deleted in error)
I've tried logging out, restarting, etc, no difference.
Usually I can google my way through prior stupid mistakes, but
it's starting to look like I may have to reinstall, which is a shame.
I've only just recently got my workstation "just right". Where I can play all the multimedia files
windows folks send me, open MS-Office documents, etc. I'm diggin' Debian.
I was an Ubuntu user, but have recently given Squeeze a try, really like it, and plan on staying with it.
Reinstalling, to me, is like surrender. I'd rather duke it out, and maybe learn something along the way.
Thanks again for responding!

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Yes, don't give in and re-install just yet. If no one comes up with a better solution, you could always log in to one of the virtual terminals as root, rename your ordinary user's home folder, create a new home folder for your ordinary user, log back in as your ordinary user and copy whatever files you might want from your original home folder.

ctrl-alt-F1 will drop you to the first TTY

Log in as root

In the /home directory:

# mv user-directory user-directory-bak
# mkdir user-directory [use your proper user name here]
# chown -R username:username user-directory

ctrl-alt-F7 or ctrl-alt-F8 should take you back to the graphical display manager where you can log into your new home directory in which all the panels will be recreated.

I realize that this *solution* is a bit like surrendering, but it's not quite as extreme as completely re-installing.

Re: Noob deleted the launcher bar bar at the top of the ...

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Hi folio,

You are da' man!
What you did was "kick start" my brain. Told ya I'm a noob!
I wasn't sure Debian was for me when I first installed it, with all the command line work,
LOTS of new stuff to learn, etc. What I've found is an exciting new world, where an "old guy"
can feel like a kid again. I'm lovin' it.
When I first installed squeeze, I used the user name of "test". I've been meaning to change it,
but have been to busy learning linux, having a gas, and experimenting with my funky new toy.
(AMD hex core I just built and am running this on).
So all I did was backup all my docs, bookmarks, PDF tutorials, etc to a thumb drive.
Then I did an adduser to the real username I wanted to use in the first place.
Copied all my stuff back to the HDD, and life is good again.
And from you I learned the ctrl-alt-F1, and ctrl-alt-F7, which has been added to my "lab notes",
(basically a diary where I keep track of all the stuff I screw-up, and how I fixed them).
Can't thank you enough for your help. I didn't want to throw in the towel and reinstall, and
now I don't have to.
Thanx again for your input, and have a great weekend!