Not Completely Anonymous Internet Access

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This is somewhat similar to the "Anonymous and Encrypted Internet Access" post. I assume that Google and my ISP already know everything there is to know about me that can be gleaned from my browsing habits. Still, I sometimes contemplate trying to extract myself from the corporate feeding frenzy over every bit of marketable information my life generates.

So, I was wondering if people had suggestions concerning how to go about working online in ways that limit the extent to which I'm helping the corporate behemoths. Duckduckgo over an https connection for searching? Lavabit or Fastmail for email? Using a DNS service other than my ISP's or Google's?

Re: Not Completely Anonymous Internet Access

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This is basically my goal -- to limit the "easy collection" of data on me. No doubt if someone puts some effort/money into it that they'll be able to collect that data. I just don't want to make it easy.

Call me paranoid, but I have to wonder when ISPs will get into the business of selling data on what their customers do (some do already).

From a fixed location, Tor for web browsing largely solves a lot of problems.

DNS is another issue. Sure, it's UDP based, but clearly advertisers see that as a tool too. My ISP redirects DNS fails for web traffic to a page with advertising. So I use a different DNS.