Package flashplugin-nonfree is not available.

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Hi all,

On lenny, I want to install the package flashplugin-nonfree. I don't see the package when I do a search in aptitude, although my sources.list includes this line: deb lenny main contrib non-free.

The package is in the contrib archive area according to this, so it should show up in my aptitude.

Any ideas?


Re: Package flashplugin-nonfree is not available.

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Folio, thanks for the help.

Looking more carefully on the results of my search at, I realised that the only stable distribution that includes flashplugin-nonfree is squeeze. For lenny, which is my distribution, you can only use the lenny-backports repository. Here is an excellent wiki about what backports are and how you can set up your system to use the backports repository.

Of course, in my case (lenny) I used the URL
deb lenny-backports main contrib non-free
(i.e. changed the name of the destribution from squeeze to lenny)

The backports repository is by default 'deactivated', so no package will be installed from backports unless you ask explicitly your system to do so by issuing something like:

aptitude -t lenny-backports install flashplugin-nonfree

Also, there is no need anymore (since 5th September, 2010) to install and use the debian-backports-keyring package. Just use the official debian backports URL in your sources.list as described in the above debian wiki.

I hope this helps somebody that read this thread.