Re-installing Debian in a multiboot system

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I have a triple boot system with Windows XP, Debian Lenny, and Fedora in that order as far as the
disk partitions, and Lenny's grub controlling the multiboot. This has worked well for years.

Recently the Debian got corrupted with some dependency issues, and I want to install Squeeze in
place of the existing Lenny (I don't need to save anything from the Lenny). Is this possible, using
a startup install CD for on-line installation of Squeeze, over the Lenny partitions, and also without
disturbing the Windows and Fedora boots? If it is, are there any manual steps to be taken during
the installation, related to grub2 or otherwise?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Re-installing Debian in a multiboot system

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My multi-boot experience went without any trouble. As long as you point the installer to the right partitions it won't cause chaos.
In principle, grub2 should detect existing installations of other OS-es, and for me it worked well. I noted, however, that some people complained here about the install did not recognise the Win partition. So, as usual, there is a chance you are into little bit of tweaking after you install the new Debian.

grub2 has a different system of configuration files, you'll find which entries and where need to be changed by searching this forum. Info for grub2 is also useful.