screen blanking/powering off

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In the last few days, my laptops screen started to turn off after a minute or so of inactivity. I'm using gnome on up to date squeeze.

I have verified that gnome power manager is set to not blank the screen, I have the screen saver disabled. So according to the settings I'm looking at neither power manager or screensaver should be blanking the screen (whether or battery or not). Everything worked perfectly up until a few days ago. Once in a while I would set the screen to blank, but most of the time I would have it set to "never" so the screen was always on and showing my desktop (not locking either). Switching the configurations wouldn't cause any problem, but now its like the setting "put display to sleep when inactive for:" is stuck on "1 minute" instead of "Never" like it currently displays. Reboots don't effect this new issue.

I checked my bios settings to be sure something in there wasn't causing an issue. I have for a long time had the problem once in a long while when either I insert the power plug or remove it, the display would be dimmed even though all my settings (for on and off battery) are set to not dim the screen. But that didn't happen very often so I don't really care, but just recently this blanking started and I can't seem to keep it from happening.

I tried google to find where power manager writes its config to a file, but didn't have much luck. Thanks.