Support for a D-Link WiFi card?

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I'm having many, many problems trying to get a dual-boot system going on an old Dell PC. But one of the biggest is lack of an internet connection.

The computer has a D-Link WDA-1320 WiFi card installed. I think it uses some sort of Atheros chipset.
The card works fine with Windows XP, but when I run the debian "live" DVD, it doesn't work.

--The installer appears to detect the card, but setup via DHCP fails.
--When I try set it up manually, it doesn't complain but still fails to connect to my router.
--If I go into the system tools and look at network interfaces, the wired port is shown but nothing for wireless.

I presume this is due to lack of a driver but I'm clueless about how to get and install one. And I guess it would somehow have to be added to the "live" DVD that I'm booting the system from, right?

Any help much appreciated. Please be gentle--I'm new at this.