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I have an HTC TytnII and I'm very interested on synchronization with Evolution. So I started installing the Synce Tray Icon. I use the squeeze 64bit version. After that, the trayicon recognize when I plug in the HTC, but it doesn't show files neither any sync option for the Evolution. Searching the, I found some information about installation and configuration. I installed almost everything I found there. This is what I couldn't install:
* usb driver (I think it is already installed, because synce trayicon shows the status of the batery and the programs installed on the phone)
* odccm (not found on debian repository)
* opensync-plugin-synce (not found on debian repository)

I did notice that the command synce-pls lists the files on the PDA. But I don't know where I must start to get the calendar an tasks syncronized with Evolution. The Synce Trayicon doesn't show the files, I get this message when I select Explore with Filemanager: "Nautilus can't handle Synce locations"