Closing lid options for laptop (Power Management)

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Under Power Management in Gnome (v2.30.2 / Debian 6.0.4) the options under "When lid is closed" are "Blank screen", "Suspend", "Hibernate" and "Shutdown". Is there any way to set this to "No action". My dilemma is as follows: I don't want the laptop to suspend, hibernate or shutdown when I close the lid (screen), but when I select "blank screen" the screen doesn't wake up when I open it again (however it does if I lock the screen with Ctrl-Alt_L before closing the screen). Is there a shortcut for waking up the screen that I don't know or a way to make it NOT blank the screen? My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A10. I run it in external screen mode for better resolution. ralph[at]