'GRUB Geom Error' after clean install

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A question from a Newbie so apologies if it's been answered many, many times.

I've just downloaded the Netinstall i386 32 bit CD image and performed a clean install over a copy of Windows ME on an old IBM Thinkpad. All went well on the first install with no reported errors. However, on reboot I got the following error:

GRUB Geom Error

I thought I'd done something wrong during the install so I reinstalled the entire package and got the same error.

I then used the disk to go into rescue mode and tried to re-install the GRUB boot loader from there but got a fatal error stating it was unable to load.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Same problem

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I have been doing the same - and stuck, hitting the same GRUB Geom error, tired installing with and without the graphic interface from a Debian 6.0.6-i386-CD1 download ... all the set-up seems to run just fine ... but re-boot results in this dead-end ... what to do?



GRUB Geom Error on a "clean" install

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Tried a lot further. It's an old IBM Thinkpad laptop I thought might be workable to learn more about Linux on ... a Pentium III with 128K RAM and a 20GB drive. I went into the BIOS to make it boot from the CD ahead of the hard drive. Booted the Debian disc ... which asked many familiar questions ... but also went into partition stuff, asking if this was a sole OS setup, querying GRUB installation, etc. I was hopeful ... but no joy ... "GRUB Geom Error" and standstill on each boot. I tried Parted Magic to see if this might help - booted to a green screen with some brown patterns (a drive map image perhaps) but nothing functional.

Am I doing something wrong, or is my hardware inadequate or the problem for Debian? If the former ... what can I do better? If the latter ... is there an alternative Linux distro that might work?