Need help rebooting server without systemd or sysinitv

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I need to know how I can reboot a debian squeeze (halfway towards wheezy) 64 bit server now that sysvinit does not work. I got onto the sid update sources and php 5.4 without really understanding the consequences, and somehow got upgraded to a linux 3.2 kernel and a sysvinit that no longer works (initctl timeout error writing ... I think it was upgraded to 2.88? -sysvinit: restarting...init: timeout opening/writing control channel /run/initct ) In any case "reboot" and "shutdown -r now" commands no longer work. Is there another way to reboot my server? I have spent hundreds of hours trying to figure this out, and haven't ben able to reboot for 5 months now, and now I really need to to get tomcat working properly again. I don't understand the move to systemd and what it would entail. Isn't there another command that can get my server rebooted (NOT shutdown - this is a production server that MUST come back up)

Thank you for any help.