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debian software manager won't uninstall packages for me. I open it, select Transmission for example and click "remove", the button then dims out and nothing happens. It works fine in Mint Linux, but I must be missing something in Debian. Any help appreciated...


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did you try by using the standard command line tools: apt-get and aptitude?
As root:
apt-get remove package
aptitude remove package

In case you want to delete the configuration files of a package instead of
'remove' use 'purge'.

Not yet, was tryng to see if

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Not yet, was tryng to see if the Software Manager would work.
Is it supposed to work in Debian? On a new install?
If this is broken by design, OK fine, but if it is supposed to work,
I'd like to get it to work...

Thanks for your reply!!


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OK, it appears the the latest netinst of deb has problems with the software manager. You will get errors prompting you do some fixes, but they won't completely fix it. Some uninstalls thru the SM work fine, others don't, you must use the terminal. No rhyme or reason to it...

And on a general note: Is there anywhere on the web where you can get good advice for Linux problems? Most forums seem to have no answers, answers that don't address the newbie's issue, and a general condescending attitude. I saw a cartoon where the linux guru bemoans the fact that new linux users are using his beloved Linux for facebook and graphics and music. He hates new linux users for this. Humorous, but it does seem to be a prevalent attitude. Sorry that the priesthood feels this way, but "Eternal September" is coming to Linux, like it or not. Microsoft is driving people to linux. Someone will do forum support right eventually. Think of the ad money...


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This was one forum where there were no condescending attitudes toward newbies. However,
due to extensive abuse by spambots, the interactivity suffered a setback. I hope the situation changes,
but , in the meantime, this is still one of the best places on the net to pick up news about what's going
on in the free world of computing.

As for your problem,
It is difficult to figure out what went wrong, perhaps contacting debian maintainers directly through
the mailing list or the reportbug tool might be a quicker way to get a good advice.

Another thing you could try is to install the entire first CD of debian distro which is less retarded
than the netinst, in my opinion, more suitable for somebody with more experience
in using the Debian GNU\Linux.

Also, did you try to install the testing, or unstable version? Try first with stable.