Exim 4 SMTP bounces handling

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Hi everyone. I've been spending days with following setting and I still do not have a clue on how to achieve it. What I have:: A SMTP localhost exim 4.80 only used to send (notifictions, subscriptions, newsletters ...)
I daily send mails to lots of users with a specific Return-path header to handle the bounce back mails like "user does not exist" What I want::

I want to control such bounce back NDR in order to avoid future notifications mails to such unexistant accounts.
After quite a lot of Googling, I think my best could be ::

.- Create something like a filter/router/what to log such NDRs to my syslog-ng
.- Create a syslog-ng filter to write down the non-existant accounts to, for instance mysql db, in order to unsubscribe or put into quarantine such accounts.

My troubles::
Syslog settings no doubt all. However, I really do not know what the hell, or even how, should I do in Exim configuration to simply catch those NDRs and send them to my syslog.

Any help would be really appreciated.