No sound on CrunchBang

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I installed CrunchBang (Debian-based linux distro) on my friends' Dell Optiplex GX260 but it has a problem of no sound.
I am using LXDE as my default session.. When I try to open mixer it says:

GStreamer was unable to detect any sound devices. Some sound system specific GStreamer packages may be missing. It may also be a permissions problem.

When I try to play any audio clip on VLC player it says:

Potential ALSA version problem:
VLC failed to initialize your sound output device (if any).
Please update alsa-lib to version 1.0.23-2-g8d80d5f or higher to try to fix this issue.

In my Crunchbang...

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In my Crunchbang I make sure that Gstreamer good, bad ugly and ffmpeg are installed.

I have switched to Pulseaudio instead of ALSA.

If all else fails, try the Crunchbang Forum. They're very good.