emacs vs vim

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Is it a blasphemy to love them both?


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I guess blasphemy depends on which is your idol...

I pick one of them because I hate being in emacs and typing vi commands and vice versa. I used to do vi twenty years ago, now I have pretty much fully switched to emacs.

And yeah, it was hard to move from ed...

Well , the opinions which

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Well , the opinions which abound plentifully across the WWW seem to support the theory that both are monoteistic religions.
I've started out with vim and learned to like it, even decided i don't need anything else, but then began working more with interpreted
languages which have better support in Emacs, at least out of the box.

Knowing, however, what I want from an editor (being spoiled by vim) helped me get up to speed with emacs quite quickly.

But, ed!? I am humbled by the presence of a real pioneer.

(Ed!? I am humbled. It seems I'm talking to a real veteran)


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ed was hell to start out with. but that's all there was on that system, i can't even remember what system it was, but it was big. i first met ed in 1982, i was 16.