firmware-linux-nonfree loading

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I'm trying to load from a small distribution Debian 6.0.

It requests that I provide tigon/tg3_tso5.bin , b43/ucode5.fw , b43-open/ucode5.fw .

One of these, tg3_tso5.bin , is found in firmware-linux-nonfree. I'll need it to get Broadcom to work so that I can download the rest of the distribution. So I should load it during the installation process.

However, I'm running on Debian 5.x right now, so I don't want to load the firmware-linux-nonfree onto that system, I just want the file.

-> How do I get the firmware-linux-nonfree and unpackage it to get the file out?

I guess after that I just copy it onto a memstick at / and at /tigon and try to install.

-> Does anyone know where to get the b43 stuff from? I've used bcm43xx-fwcutter_005-2_i386.deb and broadcom-wl- before, but they just contain some drivers that don't exactly work right... they don't work with any kind of encription or passkey.

Thanks for the help with this arcane problem.


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My recent experience tells me you can look on the Net for kernel *.bin files and toss them into /lib/firmware . I don't know if it works for less than 7.0 debian though.

I was able to find the tg3

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I was able to find the tg3_tso5.bin file in /lib/firmware and the other files were in the bcm43_cutter file that I mentioned earlier.

No, wheezy is not the 'stable

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No, wheezy is not the 'stable' distro yet. I don't know enough about firmware loading process, just that when i threw the missing bin files in /lib/firmware , my wifi automagically started to work.