Kernel Build Takes Excessive amount of time

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Built a 3.7.4 Kernel, took nearly 1.5 hours.

System Information
2x Intel 2620's
7x 8G DDR3 1333 ECC RAM modules (Missing a module, didn't realize till I recieved it)

It is a workstation server, supermicro x9dri-f, Debian 7.0 BETA4 installer.

1 SSD drive SATA III samsung 830

I set concurrency to 24

Drive was in AHCI mode, BIOS is latest.

The speed was mainly bottled up by the compiler.

I did the exact same build and procedure on a test machine with a in intel i-5 3500 and 32gb ram, same SSD version, RAM was different, and it was a ASROCK board, took maybe 25 minutes.

What could be possibly causing such problems? I noticed that the issue's were primarily with the

The system was installed via UEFI, setup a 524mb EFI partition and a 256 EXT2 /boot partition, the rest of the SSD was LVM swap and /

I used the asrock system as a test environment for what I want to build, everything went perfect on it, so I followed the exact same procedure on this board, and I never expected such bottle-neck...

Can anyone help?

Maybe a stupid question, but

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Maybe a stupid question, but did you try rebuilding again, after starting to use the new, custom-built kernel? Perhaps,
the timing is different?

Also , did you use the same compiler on the other machine (probably you did :-) ).