IPW2200 Intel Wireless Constantly and Randomly Disconnects with 6.0.6

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Hi Everyone,

I have an IBM T42. My SSD recently crashed and I lost all my windows programs. I decided to install Linux. I've gone from Centos 5.9, to Ubuntu 10.04, and now Debian 6.0.6.

I have the Intell IPW2200 Wireless Card with the latest firmware.

My wired internet connection works fine.

However, as soon as I disconnect and switch to wireless, I will randomly get disconnections. At first it's every few minutes and then every ten seconds or so, then it can't connect at all. (like right now).

It seems that the system has a problem getting the Password to authenticate with WPA?? It keeps asking me for the password. When I run iwconfig I get no connection information on eth1. I read somewhere that someone thought it might be a driver issue. But I'm not familiar enough with Linux to even know where drivers would be located or even used??

This problem is quite prevalent in Ubuntu forums with IPW2200, though I haven't seen any solutions.

Has anyone found a solution? I've also tried different wireless managers, nothing seems to have any success. At one point I thought it might be related to PowerManagement, but after turning all this off, I still had the same problem.

Any advice would be appreciated.
If this doesn't work, it's off to try FreeBSD.