non-repository pkg from source as antecedent

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I need to compile a package from source to satisfy the dependency of an application I am installing from a Deb repository.

The antecedent / supporting package compiles and installs fine, but using Synaptic to install the primary application the newly compiled package is not seen as satisfying the dependency.

Is there any method to enter a package into the dpkg DB without creating a .deb? That just looks too difficult from the forum entries I've found.

Yes, but I want the general answer not a work-around

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I certainly will but first, I asked the question as I did for the specific reason that we engineers tend to run to work-arounds. I need to understand first, then to select an option - which may be a one off work-around.

The application I am installing is FlightGear. The offending package is OpenAl - specifically libopenal1.