Debian 6.0.6:Conflicts between Guest Addition and Subversion

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I've installed Debian 6.0.6 in VirtualBox r84104. Everything went ok as I tried installing all packages needed to build an ARM development environment. But after I installed Subversion, the vm fails to boot into gnome and I'm prompted with the error below:

Starting network connection manager: NetworkManager/usr/sbin/NetworkManager: symbol lookup error: /user/lib/ undefined symbol: g_once_init_enter_impl failed!
startpar: service(s) returned failure: vboxadd-service ... failed!

Anyone has any idea how this can be fixed?



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replace Gnome with another WM, or desktop environment. Smile
After all, it's a virtual machine, why encumbering it with Gnome?

Tried some other WMs but they

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Tried some other WMs but they turned out even more unstable. I'm considering abandoning virtual machine at all...